Men’s Layered Haircut: Top 5 Most Popular Cuts

Men’s Layered Haircut: Top 5 Most Popular Cuts


What is a layered haircut?


A men’s layered haircut is a hairstyle that has varying lengths of hair throughout and is appealing for many reasons. Anyone can rock a layered haircut which is great for those with thin or straight hair as they may have a harder time following certain hairstyle trends than those with curly or wavy hair. Regardless of hair texture or shape, a layered haircut adds dimension and flair to most hairstyles. To get a layered haircut, choose a hairstyle that you want and ask your barber to add layers into your hair. There are only a few hairstyles that wouldn’t work with layers, and they’re mostly short haircuts such as a buzzcut or a crew cut. Another intriguing element to the layered haircut is that it has a way of flattering different facial structures and can define the jawline. Here is a list of the top 5 most popular layered haircuts. 

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Short Brush up



This look features hair short enough to stand up with a little product and is pushed up and away from the face. Different from a crew cut in that the hair is layered to add more volume and texture. This also creates a great shape and a stronger hold. 


Straight Textured Hair



Finally, an ideal hairstyle for those with straight hair. Layers tend to show up best in straight hair as they catch the eye without competing with waves or curls. This look can be worn with any length hair but shows the texture best worn short paired with shaved sides and back. 


Long Layered Haircut



Ever get that urge to cut your hair? Ever follow through with that urge to only instantly regret it? Adding layers to your hair is a great way to avoid a drastic cut that you may wind up regretting. Layers are also a great way to wear long hair without feeling too hot during the summer as layers naturally thin out your hair. If you have curly or wavy hair with a lot of volume, layers are a nice choice to add some depth to your hair so that the ends aren’t cut blunt across and accentuate your features with a bit of face framing. 


Mid Length Layered Haircut




This is the perfect haircut for guys who want to grow out their hair but aren’t sure if they’ll like the results (pretty hard not to love this haircut), as there isn’t such a commitment to this hair length. If you’ve ever seen a surfer or a skater with medium length hair then you know just how flattering this look can be regardless of hair length, style, or texture. 


Short Layered Haircut



A short layered haircut is a great transition to layers for men with short hair as the only difference between this cut and your usual haircut is added layers which your barber can achieve quite easily. Next time you’re in your barber’s chair for your normal cut, ask him to add some layers to the top to switch things up and to add some texture. 

Men’s layered haircuts are becoming more and more popular as they’re a great way to accentuate your facial features and add a bit of personal flair to your overall look. Layers tend to grow out quite naturally and you may end up enjoying them more and more as they grow out. If you’ve never had layers and want to experiment, this guide of the top 5 most popular layered haircuts for men is a great place to start experimenting. 


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Curly Hairstyle For Men

Curly Hairstyle For Men


Studies have found that curly hair is considered the most attractive hair type as it has a lot of volume and depth, and can enhance one’s features.  When thinking of a curly hairstyle for men, many different looks come to mind. In this blog we’ll talk about the two most current popular hairstyles for young men; The shag & The wet look. These two haircuts have gained a lot of popularity in recent months as they are easy to maintain and a great way to show off your natural curls. Although these two hairstyles are easiest to obtain if you have naturally curly hair, anybody can rock these styles with a little bit of styling or a perm. 


The Shag


The shag hairstyle has been around for many years and it gained its popularity during the 60s when growing out your hair was considered cool and a growing movement within the youth. This cut has recently come back into style with some slight variation. A shag is simply texture added into the hair with layers, it’s all about the fringe.  This cut is not only stylish but also a great way to manage thicker hair as it can thin it out instead of having a blunt cut. A great compliment to this style is added layers in the front of the face, also known as curtain bangs. This adds depth to the overall look and can effectively accentuate your features. To get this cut, ask your barber for layers during your next cut and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe go for some curtain bangs! It’s always a good idea to have a few reference photos ready for when you sit in your barber’s chair. 





The Wet Look


The wet look hairstyle for men is growing in popularity as many celebrities have been seen rocking it. Once you understand your hair and the shape it tends to dry in, this hairstyle can be styled each morning in only a few minutes. To achieve this look you’ll first have to determine how you want it to look. Whether you want length, fringe, curtain bangs, or a slicked back look, you’ll need to determine that before you begin styling. To style it’s best to start with a blank canvas, fresh out of the shower after a good shampoo & conditioning. Towel dry your hair so it’s not sopping wet. Too much water in your hair will not allow the product to adhere. Once your hair is damp, pick a quality mousse or gel. Mousse works best for those with long or curly hair and gel works best for straight hair. Apply an even layer of your product throughout all of your hair and work in the shape as you go. You can leave sections together for stronger curls or pull apart pieces for a fuller look. Once you’re satisfied with the shape, use hairspray to really lock everything into place. You don’t need much, but enough for your hair to hold throughout the day. If you want to use a comb while getting the shape you want, use a wide-tooth comb so that you don’t disturb the curls too much. Each day you practice styling this haircut the better you will become at finding the sweet spot for your hair. Play around with it until you find your flare! For more information about styling the curly wet look, click here. 





Choosing a curly hairstyle for men can be a daunting task as so many new cuts and trends tend to surface every few months. If you’re having trouble choosing, it can be helpful to look at hairstyles that have been around for decades such as the shag. Also, understanding your face shape and your hair’s tendencies will play a huge role in finding a haircut that you feel confident with and that you can add your own personal flair to! 

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Viking Hairstyles – For the Bold and Brave

Viking Hairstyles- For the bold and brave


Although vikings peaked in history many years ago, a lot of us are of the viking lineage and others find their culture and style fascinating. Hollywood has portrayed viking hairstyles in a way that is relatable as a few current hair and fashion trends resemble how vikings used to look. When visualizing vikings, big men with long and styled hair and beards come to mind. Here are some of the top 5 most popular viking hairstyles that you can rock this year! 

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Twisted Hair 



This style is inspired by the TV show Vikings! Instead of braiding your long locks, use the twist method. Simply start at the scalp with two pieces and twist adding in sections of hair as you go down. This process is similar to the french or dutch braid. For max hold you can use a light pomade before you begin styling. 


Beard with a Shaved Head



The more traditional viking look with a rugged and tough appearance. This style features a bald head or shortly shaved head with a long beard. You can style your beard as it falls naturally or with a braid. This is an opportunity to show some personal flair. 


Long hair with an Undercut



Many hipsters already sport this look that features long hair or bangs with an undercut! You can style this look in many ways such as a ponytail or a beard. 





Sporting a ponytail is a great way to show off your viking locks in a way that is practical as your hair will stay out of your face. You can rock this look in a half up half down style or as a typical ponytail. As always, for a more viking vibe pair your ponytail with a beard. 





Braids are a popular men’s hairstyle regardless of your hair type. Men with kinky, curly hair sport them as well as people with long straight hair. In regards to a viking style you can go for long hair on top for the braids and shaved or trimmed sides. Braids can be worn with medium to long length hair. 

Viking hairstyles are becoming more and more popular as men choose to grow out their hair. Whether your hair is already long or you are looking for some inspo, you can never go wrong with a long beard and long hair combo! 


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Mens Hair Perm – How to Get it & Style it

Mens Hair Perm – How to Get it & Style it


Within the last five years, men’s hairstyles have seemingly become more adventurous and fashionable. Styling one’s hair with heat, braids, products, etc. shouldn’t just be for women. With the growth in popularity of hairstyles for men such as the bro flow, kpop styles, and the wet look, more and more men with straight hair are thinking about getting a perm to achieve beautiful curls and waves. If you are on the fence about getting a perm, not to worry, we’ll go over everything relating to a mens hair perm. 


What is a Perm?


A perm is a semi permanent hair procedure that takes straight hair and creates the hair shape you desire, typically waves or curls (but there are a few more options too). This process is achieved by adding chemicals to your natural hair to create the shape. The process can be lengthy but is well worth it for multiple months of your dream hair. When people hear chemicals they immediately think it’s harmful for your hair, and while there is some truth to that, you can achieve a perm safely. 


It’s noteworthy to assess the overall health of your hair before you decide to get a perm. If your hair has been dyed and damaged from heat or other stressors, it could be an option to work on the health of your hair and try to heal it a bit before getting a perm. Getting a perm with strong and healthy hair shouldn’t cause worry as everyday people are applying heat and chemicals to their manes. 


How to get a Perm


Always go to a professional when getting a perm as they understand the intricacies of the chemicals involved and how different hair types can react to them. There are many different types of perms and it’s advisable to have an understanding on what hair shape you’re seeking so you and your barber can choose the right option for you. 


  • A classic perm: The most common cold perm where the size of curls is determined by the size of rods used.
  • Twist or Spiral perm: A cold perm that results in defined barrel curls in about 5 hours. 
  • Rebonding perm: A type of hot perm that results in straighter hair above the ears, becoming curlier below. 
  • Digital perm: A popular type of hot perm resulting in soft, bouncy curls and loose ends. 
  • Ceramic perm: A hot perm where heat is increased gradually throughout the session resulting in a more defined shape. 


Most perm sessions take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on which type you go with. 


How to style a Perm


The great aspect of getting a perm is that minimal styling will be required as you already have your desired shape! For adding some volume you can use a hairdryer with a blowout extension. A light pomade or gel will help with any additional styling needs like slicking back or styling fringe. Search for a product with curl defining actions. 

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Check out this list of popular curly hair ideas to show off your perm! 


Bro Flow with Curls



Curly Fringe



Curly Hair + Fade



Long Curly Hair



Whether you’re looking for a change from your normal hair or have been wanting to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side with luscious curls, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding what type of mens hair perm to go with. The information above will give you a good idea of your options along with the help of your barber! 

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A Guide to Caring for Kinky Hair for Men

A Guide to Caring for Kinky Hair for Men


Men’s kinky hair, also called afro-textured hair, requires a certain amount of care each day. Since kinky hair is coiled and breaks under too much handling and stress it’s necessary to spend a few extra minutes each day moisturizing and caring for it to ensure that your hair is healthy. 



Hair Care for Kinky Hair men


Since moisturizing is a top priority for those with kinky hair, essentially you’ll want to moisturize just about every time your hair is wet. Moisture in your hair will ensure that it is stronger against styling and the normal elements that can damage your hair. A leave-in conditioner is one of the best options for adding some necessary hydration. Typically, these types of products work by working the solution with your hands into wet or damp hair and letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out. The longer the product can sit the better. It’s important to note that washing your hair too often can result in the natural oils on your scalp to dry out which is the opposite of what you want when trying to hydrate your hair. Although everyone is different, on average people with kinky hair should aim to wash their hair in the shower about twice a month. Co-washing is the process of washing using a conditioner which can be done more frequently in between washing with shampoo. Another trick to caring for kinky hair is to use a silk bonnet or a silk pillowcase to protect your hair while you’re sleeping. This method of protection prevents breakage from friction and can also help to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. 

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Detangling kinky Hair men



You may have spent hours trying to detangle your hair with much frustration. Not to worry, many others face the same problem every day. When working with kinky and curly hair, it’s crucial to have a reliable oil to help you when detangling. With a wide variety of oils to choose from, natural oils are the best. Extra virgin olive oil is a great choice as you probably already have a bottle in your kitchen. Shea butter or coconut butter are great choices too. They typically are in solid form but melt into a liquid as they warm up in your hands. When dealing with a lot of knots and tangles, apply oil from the scalp down to the tips and use nothing but a wide-tooth comb or your hands as they are the best tools for kinky hair. It helps to divide the hair into sections and tackle them one part at a time.



Men with kinky hair have to spend a bit more time taking care of their beautiful locks each day to ensure that it stays strong and healthy. The most important aspect of this care protocol is understanding your hair and creating a routine that becomes second nature. This guide on how to care for kinky hair will tell you everything you need to know about the right products for your hair and how to best care for it. 

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Top 5 Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline

Top 5 Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline


Although a change in your hairline is an entirely natural part of aging, it can be incredibly hard for some men to embrace the change with confidence and optimism. In a society where looks are commonly prioritized, it can be daunting to find a new look adjusting to a receding hairline. Check out some of these hairstyles for a receding hairline.


Before you begin to worry about whether your hairline is receding or not, it’s important to note the distinction between the transformation from your juvenile hairline to your mature hairline. The juvenile hairline typically is straight across the forehead with rounded corners whereas the mature hairline is about an inch or an inch and a half further back with the distinct M shape or widows peak. 


If your hairline begins to recede at the sides above the temples more frequently and you’re finding shorter hairs on your hairline, that is the tell-tale sign of a receding hairline. Not to worry as there are many hairstyles that provide a sort of camouflage which will leave you feeling fresh and confident. For more information about receding hairlines click here.


Check out this list below with photos of the top 5 best hairstyles for a receding hairline! 


Textured Caesar Bangs



This cut plays off of the traditional blunt fringe of the caesar cut and utilizes some added texture for camouflage. This style can be worn by anyone! 

Ivy League Haircut 



The ivy league haircut is essentially a crew cut with some added length on top. It can be swept to the side or paired with a side part for a professional look that is on par with this year’s current trends.


Short Wavy Fringe



This look is typically seen worn by those with wavy or curly hair however those with straight hair look good as well. The key is to have a bit of length on top so that the hair can be swept down on the forehead for coverage. 


Spiky Hair



The spiky hair look can be worn with any type of hairline as long as the hair has some length. This haircut suits a receding M shaped hairline the best. 


Slick Back + Quiff



Slicked back hair paired with a quiff is an awesome haircut for those who want to rock their receding hairline with confidence. You can pair this style with any type of fade for a bit of natural coverage. 

Styling men’s hair can be made easy and seamless with the correct products. For slicking back, a strong hold pomade is your best friend. For pushing the hair down over the hairline, a light gel is great to ensure your hair stays in place all day. 


All of these hairstyles for receding hairlines are listed with the intent of coverage and style in mind. However, it’s important to understand that many men will face a receding hairline in their lifetimes. It can be an uneasy process but this guide will help you feel confident and in control of your hair! 


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Different Types of Fades

Different Types of Fades


There are many different types of fades out there. Fade haircuts are one of the easiest, most sought after, and the most popular hairstyle trends for men. They are incredibly easy to obtain and style, with regular trips to the barber being the only maintenance required. A key aspect of why they’re so popular is the fact that anyone can wear a fade and look good. 


Typically when people think of a fade they think of high, medium, and low, referring to how high the fade starts on the head. Bald fades, temple fades, and shadow fades are all great choices as well. 


Check out this list with photos of the different types of fades. 


Bald Fade



The bald fade can be any type of fade but is characterized by the fade ending at the skin revealing the scalp. This look pairs well with a cool design in the hair for some contrast. 


Temple Fade



Also known as a Brooklyn fade or a low fade, the temple fade is a short haircut where the hair tapers from the skin at about .5 inches long, beginning at the temples. This hairstyle is typically paired with longer hair on top and in the back with a clean cut on the sides. An ideal look for black men with curly hair. 


Shadow Fade



The shadow fade is growing in popularity and trendiness as a lot of international athletes wear this style. It is characterized by a distinct contrast from darkness to lightness or thinness of the hair. Another key benefit of this hairstyle is its tendency to enhance anyone’s facial features and face shape. For more information on shadow fades and how to get them, click here


High Fade



The high fade hairstyle is essentially like the other types of fades with the distinction of the hair starting higher at the top of the head than the low or mid fade. This style used to be incredibly popular in the black community throughout the 70s & 80s and has since grown again in popularity. This style looks great in combination with other unique hair trends such as a sharp line or braids. 


Mid fade



The mid fade haircut is the perfect sweet spot between a high fade and a low fade. This cut features hair that begins to fade just below the temples and lands around the ears. A simple yet stylish look that can be paired with other cool hair trends. 


Low Fade



The low fade is the fade known for being professional and classic looking. It starts with short hair above the ears and gradually fades longer to whatever hairstyle you’d like above the ears. 

When styling, it’s important to know your hair type and texture. For thin hair, a light pomade is key for keeping your hair in place to accentuate your fade. For thick curly or wavy hair, a leave-in product or a max-hold pomade may be suitable to keep your volume and texture in place.  


Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle to feel confident in or are looking for a change of style with your go-to fade, this list of different types of fades is your key in determining the perfect fade for you! 


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The Two Block Haircut and The Top 5 Styles

The Two Block Haircut and The Top 5 Styles


The Two Block haircut has grown in popularity since it made its first appearance in the Korean pop music scene. Essentially it is a style that features two distinct cuts with longer sides and top and shorter hair in the back. Styling longer hair on the top can be done in many ways giving you the chance to add your unique flare of style to the overall look. Anybody can rock this haircut because straight, wavy, and curly hair work just fine. Typically you see this hairstyle with some texture resulting in many men getting a perm to go along with the cut. For more information about the Two Block cut and its origin click here

Here’s a list of the top 5 styles you can rock with the Two Block haircut! 

Two Block Haircut + Taper Fade



Incorporating a taper fade into the two block cut is a perfection option for those with thicker hair. Utilizing a middle part will help add some dynamic texture creating a put-together and stylish look. 


Medium Two Block Haircut + Cold Perm



A cold perm is a great solution to those who have straight hair but want some added texture and shape. The cold perm is executed by a leave-in solution worked through the hair that is then wrapped around rods until the waves are set. This method is typically cheaper and faster than your traditional perm. This look can be worn with any length hair but as an example a medium two block is shown below. 

Square Neckline Two Block Haircut



Again, the amount of versatility is what makes this hairstyle so desirable. A fun way to add some uniqueness is to play around with the neckline. A square neckline allows you to keep as much hair as possible. Paired with a taper fade and this look is incredible. 

Two Block Haircut + Straight Hair



If you have straight hair and don’t want to go with the perm option, not to worry as there is a place for pin-straight hair with this look. A lot of Asian hair is naturally straight so this look truly can be worn by anyone. Pair this look with some highlights and a defined curve for a 90s vibe that has come back into style. 


Two Block Haircut + Curtain Bangs



Pairing the two block haircut with curtain bangs gives this look an added layer of depth and style especially when worn with a middle part and some highlights. 

The two block haircut is incredibly easy to style depending on the shape and texture you’re going for. If you have natural waves or are trying to style your perm, a light pomade will help hold their shape. For curly hair, a non-crunchy hair spray will help keep your hair in place. And for those with straight hair, a blow dryer may be helpful with styling from damp hair. 

Whether you are a Korean pop music lover or are just infatuated with this awesome new hair trend, this guide will help you decide how to style the two block haircut. 

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How To Get Wavy Hair For Men

How To Get Wavy Hair For Men


The amount of different hairstyles for men is constantly growing and evolving in style. You have the classics like the buzz cut or the pompadour however, textured hair is becoming just as popular as it was in the 70’s. Hair that is styled with volume and texture in mind creates a look that is put together, yet easy-going giving a laid back and stylish feel to your personality. Wavy hair is one of the best ways to rock some texture and volume without spending too much time getting ready in the morning. Following the steps below will ensure you know how to get wavy hair for men with just a few extra minutes spent each day. 


There are three main tools to utilize for perfect wavy hair. Depending on your hair length and texture, one option may be more suitable for you over the others. People with naturally wavy hair may not need any of these tools as simply air drying does the trick.


 Blow Drying



Blow drying damp hair is one of the best options for those with pin straight hair. Heat has a way of making hair stay in place the whole day, which is ideal for someone with little to no waves. You’ll need a basic blow dryer and a product of your choice like a mousse or a gel. For best results you can partially twist sections of your hair into waves while damp so the blow dryer cements it in place. After your hair is in a shape that you are happy with, simply apply your product with your fingers in a pinching or scrunching motion. A roller brush is also a great tool for working with existing waves or for some added volume. Typically a roller brush is used on damp hair, brushing up and back, away from your face with the blow dryer nearly touching the brush. 





Braiding is another suitable option for those with pin straight hair but can work on any hair type as long as there is some length. Braiding is most efficient when done on damp hair and when it has the time to dry and style, ideally overnight. The art that is braiding may take some practice as there are dozens of different types of braids that can result in a variation of waves. The most common braid can be achieved by separating either the whole head or sectioned off portions of hair equally into three pieces. Hold each section separately and start from left to right crossing each section over the middle until you reach the end of your hair. Tie it off with an elastic so it stays secure. For a visual guide click here. The awesome thing about using braids to create wavy hair is that they don’t have to be neat or clean for the final result to be perfect. For added volume, use a salt spray on damp hair before braiding. 




For those who have a natural wave already going for them, a simple application of a light product will do the trick. Starting with damp hair, create the waves of your choice using the pinch method with your thumb and index finger or scrunch your hair with your hand and apply the product to hold it in place. Sea salt texture spray is a natural product usually with added conditioner for shine and hydration that gives the wavy hairstyle a surfer or skater look. Mousse is another great hair product for enhancing and keeping your waves in place. Look for a mousse with curl enhancing or curl defining properties for an even quicker hair routine. 


Whether you want to switch up your current hairstyle or keep up with the growing volume trend in men’s hair, this guide is perfect for finding the right tool for you to use when wondering how to get wavy hair for men.




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Top 10 Short Asian Mens Haircuts

Top 10 Short Asian Men’s Haircuts


Wondering about Short Asian Mens Haircuts? When talking about hair types and styles for different groups of people it’s important to note the different types of hair and how it tends to grow. There are three major types depending on ethnic-group- Afro-caribbean, Asian, and Caucasian, all having unique attributes. Despite their differences, they have a few common key factors such as medulla, cortex, cuticle, and the major protein called Keratin. The determining factor of the shape of your tresses is the shape of each follicle. Most asian hair appears pin-straight because it grows from round follicles.


Asian hair also has incredibly thick layers, about twice the amount of cuticles than the other two major hair types. Although this doesn’t mean thicker hair, it does mean faster hair growth and typically healthier hair with it’s cycle of growth lasting nine years. Asian hair is the most dominant type and the strongest in being able to recuperate from damages fairly quickly. Proper hair care includes hydrating shampoo and conditioner not exceeding 5.5 pH and the lack of mineral oil products for daily use. For more information about Asian hair click here. Daily, more and more we are seeing trendy Asian hairstyles show up so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular short Asian men’s haircuts! 


Textured Crop Short Asian Mens Haircuts


The Textured crop is incredibly suitable for most Asian hair as it works well with thick and straight texture. It plays off the balance of straight fringe and spiky texture. 

Blunt Bangs


A versatile style that can be worn with any length sides and back with longer bangs to accentuate the whole look. 

Spiky Quiff 


With a reliable product Asian hair can be molded into any which way you’d like. Featured here is a spiky quiff with the longer hair pushed up giving a flawless textured look. Pair with short sides or a line design for a dynamic and unique hairstyle. 

Short hair + High fade Short Asian Mens haircuts


A cool hairstyle for people with long slender faces although it can be rocked by anyone. Start with a high fade and pair it with short hair of your desired length. A reliable product can help push the long hair on top up and forward. 

Loose Pompadour 


A medium length haircut with volume and a straight cut across the back that makes the whole look put together and stylish. 



Although hair is hair and it will grow back, choosing a new hairstyle can be a bit tricky at times. This list of the top 5 most popular short Asian men’s haircuts can be a great guide in determining which style you want to go out and rock. When browsing your options remember that not all Asian hair is the same but with a basic understanding of your hair texture and your face shape, deciding on a look can be made much simpler. It’s always advisable to bring a few reference photos along with you on your next trip to your barbers! 


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