Men’s Guide To The Shag Haircut

The Shag Haircut 

The shag haircut essentially is a lot of layers cut in the hair. Represented throughout the 60s to the 90s in pop culture from musicians to fans, the shag is gaining popularity once again. This hairstyle works best for curly and wavy hair and can be worn by people with straight hair with a little styling and added volume!  


How to achieve a shag

First, you’ll need to take a trip to your barber where they will cut layers into your hair. Bring some reference photos and ideas along with you so you will know how long you want the cut to be on all sides and back. Then, with naturally curly or wavy hair you will start the styling with wet or damp hair. A blow dryer if your best friend when working with a shag haircut. Use a round brush starting at the roots with the hair dryer touching the brush and work in motions out and away from the head. You can alternate between away and towards the head to create more depth and volume. You can also style your hair with your fingers and a product like texture spray. Simply use your hands to fluff and work in the shapes you’d like. This works best with slightly damp hair. For straight hair, you’ll need to add some volume with a curling iron, straightener or blow dryer. Depending on the length you’re going for, regular trims from your barber keep this style looking refreshed & not overgrown. 



Popular shag hairstyles for 2022

Medium Length Shags

The medium length shag is ideal for anyone with straight hair who wants to rock this look because you can really go for any length you’d like and it looks amazing with only a little bit of fringe. 

Retro, Rock Shag

This look is worn with shorter hair and reveals the ears on both sides. Use some pomade and texture spray to give this look a lot of volume. 


70s Shag Haircut

The look to have during the era! Pair this with a mustache and it’ll look like you jumped out of a time machine. 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are an excellent way to create some fringe with or without a shag. The styling process is similar to what’s mentioned above. With some heat from a flat iron or blow dryer, create some volume by swooping out and away from the face. Use your index finger and thumb to pinch the ends for some extra hold. You can also use hairspray. 

Long Shag Haircut

Wearing your long hair with lots of layers and fringe is a great option for styling long hair that a bun, ponytail, or braids seem to lack. Typically worn with a middle part, added curtain bangs, and some volume, this look is giving the most retro vibes.


It’s also so awesome to see trends from decades ago coming back into style with a modern flair, and there’s a reason for it! Volume looks great on any person and spending some time daily with your hair to achieve that volume will help you develop your personal style and flavor.  Head over to our blog to read more on all things Men’s Hairstyles! Check out some of these listed products that will help you style your shag with ease. 


round brush set


blow dryer


texture spray 

Fade Hair Cut – A Guide To Fade Styles

A Guide To The Different Styles of Fade Haircuts

If you’re into hair styling even a little bit, the chances are that you’ve heard of fades. One of the reasons for that is the wide popularity of the Fade Hair Cut because of it’s versatility, accessibility and great look. The name fade comes from the effect of cutting the hair (usually on the sides) from a longer length to a shorter length. There are many different kinds of fades, but even just the most basic ones will work well with just about any hairstyle. The basic categories are fades are high, mid, and low. Unsurprisingly, this refers to where the fade begins on the head.


Read on to see the most common styles of the fade, and stick around for some more niche and custom ones afterwards!


High Fade Hair Cut

The high fade sits around the hairline. This can be used to create lots of great preppy looks, and looks great when the hair on top is a bit longer.

Low Fade Hair Cut

The low fade is probably the most common and subtle fades of the bunch; a great option to clean up any hairstyle.

Mid Fade Hair Cut

The mid fade sits between where a high or low would – sitting around the temple area.

Drop Fade

The differentiating factor in drop fades is the ‘drop’ of the fade behind the ears, along the hairline and neck.

Skin Fade

The skin fade is also known as a ‘bald fade’.


Burst Fade

The burst fade gets its name from the ‘sun burst’ effect created around the ear.

Taper Fade

Learn more about the difference between tapers and fades here.


The fade hair cut is a classic and timeless option for men of all face shapes and hairstyles. As long as it’s done right, a fade looks great with almost all haircuts. Hopefully this article helped you get a handle on the differences between the style of fades – So you’ll be ready for your next trip to the barber!


Read more of our blogs and learn about hair styling for men here!

The Best Mid Fade Haircuts For Men of 2021

The Top 10 Mid Fade Haircuts of 2021


Mid fades are perfect for anyone who deems a high fade to high; and a low fade too low. Right in the middle, the mid fade is a perfect middle ground between the fades. Whether you go for a drop fade or a straight cut all the way around the head, the Mid Fade is an incredibly versatile option for all men. It works great for men with round faces, and gels perfectly with curly hair and thick hair. This article will go over 10 of the best options for men looking to get a Mid Fade haircut!


The Mid Skin Fade

The Mid Skin Fade removes hair up to the temple, and as the ‘Skin Fade’ suggests, keeps the hair bald below the fade. It looks amazing with a beard.


Curly Hair Mid Fade

Variations of the Fade are highly popular ways to style curly hair. The mid fade offers tons of versatility and options for anyone with curly hair – keeping some length and volume on the top looks great with a fade.


The Mid Taper Fade

Short Styled Mid Fade

There’s many options for styling the top with a mid fade – no matter what kind of hair you have. 


Long Hair Mid Fade

Leaving the hair a bit longer on the top gives you all kinds of options for volume and styling, pomade is a great product for this kind of style!


Mid Fade with Hard Part

The Hard Part is a great option for clean cut, preppy and put together looks. It also looks great with any level of fade, especially a mid fade!


Mid Fade + Waves

Waves lend themselves perfectly to the fade – especially with a beard included. This is an excellent and timeless option for black men.


Dreadlocks with Mid Fade

Another classic option for black men, the Mid fade gives a very clean look to any dreaded hairstyle.


Mid Fade with Pompadour

The pompadour is a great option to go with if you love having lots of volume on the top. This look can be achieved by fluffing your hair up after a shower with a brush, blow dryer and some pomade.


Mid Fade Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an all time classic for men, of course, but adding the mid fade spices it up a bit and makes it look even cleaner.




The mid fade is a great option for men of all hair types, colors and thicknesses. Whether you’ve got long hair, curly hair, or short hair on top, the mid fade on the sides will keep your cut looking well thought out and well put together right after a trip to the barber. 

Top 10 Short Haircuts For Men in 2021

Top 10 Short Haircuts For Men in 2021

Short hair is preferred by many for an assortment of reasons. One reason being the low effort appeal and another being that fresh feeling you have walking out of your barber’s after a clean cut. Here is a brief list of the top 10 short hairstyles for 2022! 

Shaved Head + Faded sides

There is something about this look that elevates one’s whole appearance. It can accentuate a jawline if worn with a beard and can be dyed for a more edgy feel. The cool thing about this look is that you can have the top, sides, and back cut to your desired length while still maintaining the crispness of this cut. 

360 Waves

The 360 waves are typically rocked mostly by black men as they have the perfect hair shape and texture needed to rock waves. The process of perfecting waves can be a semi lengthy one depending on the health of your hair. Ask your barber if your hair texture is suitable and how to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 

Short Quiff


The short quiff is such a classic look with a hint of modernness that seems to be one of the most popular styles continuing into the 2020’s. Perfect for a professional setting, this look is easy to maintain with the proper pomade and regular trips to your barber. 

French Crop

The vibe of the French crop is sophisticated yet trendy & stylish. Usually paired with a shorter back and sides. A well-rounded, put- together hair style that is very easy to maintain. 

Short Messy hair

Want to look effortlessly put-together? This is the haircut for you. All you need is a cut of your desired length and a few minutes in the morning to fluff and style with a little pomade. 

Short with Hard Part

This look is the epitome of clean and put- together. The hard part adds an extra layer of dimension to a crisp cut. You can place the hard part on either side of your head. A cleaned up beard pairs well with this look.

Buzz Cut

Potentially one of the most classic men’s haircuts out there, the Buzz cut. Traditionally associated with the military, this look has become increasingly progressive in fashion. This style goes very well lined up on the sides or paired with a bleached head. 

High + Tight

One of the easiest styles to maintain. This look consists of very shortly shaved sides and back with a short, spiked top. 

Heavy Crop

Styled best for men with thicker hair, this look is similar to the French crop with the exception of a shaggier, thicker top with shorter sides and back. This cut looks great with a line shaved into the sides and or beard. 

Short Combover Fade 

Not your grandfather’s fade! To achieve this look keep the top longer than the sides, style with a pomade up and to the side. An added hard part elevates this look even further. 

Whether you are looking to spice up a classic look or are seeking a new, trendy short hairstyle, this list is your go-to for the best short styles for 2022. Your barber will be able to help you decide which look is suitable for you based on face shape, hair texture, and desired amount of styling each day. 

360 waves brush

mens pomade

how to style mens short messy hair

Men’s Guide to Growing Long Hair

Proper Hair washing 

Understanding techniques and good practices to keep your hair healthy will help immensely while trying to grow out your hair. With a short haircut the hair is the healthiest as it hasn’t been exposed to as much damage from the sun and styling as long hair has. To prevent damage to the ends of your hair and to keep your roots healthy the first step is in the shower. Most hair stylists recommend washing your hair with shampoo as little as possible. However that isn’t always do-able for someone with noticeably greasy hair after a day or two of washing. Try going every other day and progressively wash less (hair is like a muscle, you have to train it). The best solution for greasy hair is dry shampoo which can absorb excess oil from the scalp and put some volume back to the roots. Another important care measure for long hair is using conditioner! Shampoo is meant for the roots and conditioner for the ends. Rinse with cool water as it helps to stop the conditioner from rinsing away its benefits. Always use shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free, doesn’t have to be a men’s brand either.

Proper Hair Care

Regular visits to your barber will ensure that any split ends are taken care of before they can result in more hair damage. This will also help with the “awkward” stage that is inherent to growing out your hair. To avoid this as much as possible, regularly have the sides and back cut shorter, while you grow out the top of the hair to avoid the mullet look (if this is what you’re going for, rock on). 

Another beneficial tip is to switch up your products. Most pomades and waxes have a lot of hold and are required to be washed out daily. When growing out your hair, consider switching to a lighter product that will help with styling but won’t weigh down your hair such as some grooming products like creams, serums, or leave- in conditioners. 

Once your hair has reached a length that could hold even the smallest man bun it’s important to use hair bands that don’t cause breakage and tears such as a scrunchie, hair clip, coiled hair ties, any silk hair tie. This will prevent more fly aways, baby hairs, and split ends. 

Lastly, using a proper comb or brush with the right technique will gradually help your hair grow to your desired length. Try using a brush with bristles that are further apart like a wooden comb or a bamboo hair brush. It is helpful to brush your hair against something as well like your hand, back, or shirt. This will prevent tugging at knots, worsening split ends and hair loss.


Lastly, it is so important to practice patience while growing out your hair. On average we grow about 1/2 in. of hair each month, 6 in. of hair in a year, which means if you’re starting from a buzzcut, it may take awhile to get your desired length. If you follow the steps above, your hair has a much better chance of growing quicker and looking healthy as it grows!

The Best Braided Hairstyles for Men in 2021

The Best Braided Hairstyles for Men in 2021

Braids are an amazing looking and low maintenance option for men’s hair. Because once you put them in they can last for weeks, you can choose a style that sticks around for a while. The braid has been around for centuries in human hair styling, for both men and women. Today’s braids combine with different fades, tapers and cuts to make some of the most interesting and accessible hairstyles available. Check out this list of some of the best braided hairstyles for men to get some ideas!


A traditional African hairstyle that has been worn by many people for many years. Typically cornrows are straight rows of braids that start at the top of the forehead and work down the scalp ending off the scalp where the length of hair ends. Cornrows are seriously low maintenance and in return are being worn more by athletes. A way to enhance their traditional look is to have them braided in unique patterns and to add beads or jewelry.

A Pair of Braids

Two braids separated by a middle part that can be done with a French braid or Dutch braid. The difference between the two is with a French braid the hair is weaved over and with a Dutch braid the hair is weaved under. You can also wear two braids that start off the scalp around the ear and are braided the remaining length of the hair.

Box Braids

Box braids are individual plaits that have been sectioned off into a square shape. They can be worn tight, loose, or in a bun or ponytail. Depending on the length of your hair and the desired look, you can add artificial hair to create the length you want. This look can be enhanced with a fade and some added beads or jewelry.

Man Bun style Braids

Any style of braid that feeds into a bun or ponytail. This look is desirable for its low maintenance properties as the braids stay out of your face and in place. Typically if you want to achieve this look it’s best to have longer hair.

Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag braids can be incorporated into the scalp or the braids themselves. They add a uniqueness and edgy look that is normally absent from traditional rows of braids. Paired with a fade and some beads or jewelry, this look looks fresh and crisp.


Although braids are incredibly low maintenance, it’s still important to properly care for them. You should wash your braids every 7-10 days regardless if they are your real hair or not. To wash, divide the hair into four sections, wet the hair and apply a watered down shampoo. Rinse the hair and spritz some conditioner onto the scalp. This is an important step as with braids the exposed scalp can become very dry. You can also apply argan oil or shea butter to the braids.

Another important care step is to never wear your braids for more than 7 weeks. The reason for this is because if the scalp is pulled too tight for too long, it can result in hair loss. To preserve your braids from becoming dry and from fly-aways, you can wear a silk bonnet or durag, or use a silk pillow. Whether you want to switch up your style or you’re a long time braid-wearer, this list will help you explore some new styles!

Top 10 Waves Haircuts of 2021

It’s no secret that Waves have been an absolute classic for a long time. In recent years, they have definitely been permeating popular hairstyle culture. While traditionally a hairstyle for black men, in recent years the style has become popular with other races as well. With that being said, the more texture your hair has the easier it is to wave. So, a white guy with straight hair is going to have to put in a bit more effort to get the desired effect. Let’s get into the top 5 Waves styles of 2021!

Taper Fade + waves

This hairstyle can have a fade anywhere on the head and still look stylish and put together. Depending on your features and where you typically like your fades, talk with your barber about the style that will look the best for you. It’s always a good idea to have a few inspiration photos handy. 

Waves for straight hair

Waves for straight hair will definitely require a lot more work than someone with short hair, however the look is still attainable. The more prone your hair is to having curls, the easier it will be to achieve waves. Make sure that you start with a healthy scalp & hair before attempting to style waves. 

Waves haircut with part 

Combine fresh 360 waves with a fade and a part to create an incredibly stylish and clean look. The waves look stylish and put together as is, but when paired with a part, it catches the eye and can enhance the whole look. It’s a plus how creative one can be with the style of the part. 

High Fade + Waves 

Starting near the top of the head and quickly descending down to the skin for a fresh cut, the high fade + waves is a stylish and edgy look. This is one of the most popular ways to style waves. 

Low Fade + Waves

This hairstyle is perfect for those who are going for a professional look. The low fade can accentuate the pattern of your deep 360 waves. If you prefer to show less scalp opt for a low cut. 

180 Waves 

A classic look for black men, the 180 waves are classified by only being on the top of your head vs 360 waves that go around the whole head. These look clean and well maintained depending on how often you style them and how well you take care of your hair. 

This list of hairstyles is only scratching the surface on how many ways there are to style your waves. Waves are traditionally rocked best by black men as their hair texture is most suitable for them. However, with the right amount of effort put into styling, understanding of hair texture, and using the right tools, any hair type can achieve waves. Pomade, shampoo & conditioner, a brush, and a durag are all incredibly useful tools when working to create waves. 

Top 10 Taper Haircuts for 2021/2022

Top 10 Taper Haircuts for 2021/2022


Fades and Tapers are increasingly popular during 2021, and for good reason. You may have thought that tapers are the same thing as a fade, but there is an important distinction to make between them. While a fade ‘fades’ the hair around all sides of the head, or in some cases very specific parts of the head, the taper maintains the natural hairline and ‘fades’ that line itself. Because of this, it is a similar looking style to the fade while also not being very extreme in any case.


The Taper Fade

The taper fade is a timeless cut, done by combining the taper and fade.


The Low Taper

The Low Taper is a Taper done lower around the head.


Taper + Dreads

Classic tapered edges work great with dreadlocks on top.


Buzz Cut Taper

The buzz cut taper is a timeless, super clean cut.


The Classic Taper

A classic and common cut. Looks good, always.


The High Taper Fade

Taper + Fade done higher on all sides of the head.


Curly Hair with Tapered Sides


The Bald Taper




Long Hair + Taper



The Taper is a great tool in your arsenal to have amazing hair cuts every time. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with tapers/fades, whether you want to go high, low, bald, longer, etc: the Taper gives you a distinct look while maintaining lots of room to experiment with the top of your head. The next time you step in to the barber, think about how you can spice things up with a taper fade!

The Temple Fade: Top Styles and How To Get Them

The Temple Fade: Top Styles and How To Get Them

You’ve heard of a fade, sure. But a Temple Fade, maybe not. Also known as a temp fade or a blowout, the Temple Fade hairstyle is an upcoming trend in 2021; usually created by utilizing a fade at the temple and sideburn area of the head. Some temple fades fade near the neckline as well. As we’ve gone over on the blog before, fades can be used everywhere in almost every haircut to create variation, creativity and versatility in your styles. The benefit of a temple fade is it leaves more room to focus on your haircut on the top, styling the sides and temple without limiting what you can do with it! Let’s get into some of the best Temple Fade styles in 2021.

The Temple Taper Fade

The Low Temple Fade

This one is a regular temple fade that goes lower on the sides and back.

Curly Temple Fade

The Temple Fade works great on curly hair.

High Temple Fade

The high temple fade works great when you have some volume on the top. It’s done by having a higher fade than usual.

Dread Temple Fade


The Temple Fade is a great option when you want to go for a fade but want to switch things up a bit. It’s just different enough to look unique while still staying in the boundaries of what’s popular in 2021! Whether you already have a Temple Fade or you’re looking to get one, try out one of these styles the next time you sit down in your barber’s chair!

Top 10 Best Haircuts for Boys in 2021

Top 10 Boys Haircuts in 2021

Wondering what cut you should get for your son or yourself for the upcoming fall season? Well, look no further because our team has put together this article in order to show you the most popular and stylish Boys Haircuts for 2021! Whether your son is picky about his hairstyles, or couldn’t care less, these hairstyles will have him looking great all fall. Below are the Top 10 Haircuts for Boys in 2021.

Mid Fade + Short

This cut utilizes the Mid Fade to great effect, and is great when combined with a bit of added texture on the top.

Short Spiky Crop + High Fade

This cut uses a bit of product on the top to spike it!

Classic Long Hair

This hairstyle is a classic for boys and won’t take much effort to maintain, aside from a few trims every now and again!

Textured FauxHawk

This cut makes use of a bit of length on the top, short on the sides and some gel or pomade to texture the faux!

Classic Buzz cut with Line Up

Very self explanatory, the classic buzz cut utilizing a line up on the sides.

The Shaggy Cut

The Shaggy Cut works great for curly hair types!

Boys Undercut with Hard Part

Just like the classic undercut with hard part that you see on many men in 2021.

Textured Undercut Curly Hair

Classic Undercut with some texture on the top, you can get creative with designs on the sides or top!

Long On Top Spiky w/ Short Sides

Very self explanatory, maintain long spikes on the top with some product like Bed Head gel!

Kids Fade


There are virtually endless options for boys’ haircuts, and so many of them are great. This is only a small collection of some of the best options! Next time you head to the barber shop, try out one of these super stylish cuts!