1930s Haircut Men

1930s Haircut Men


The 1930s saw significant advancement and change, which was reflected in the time’s fashion and hairdos. 1930s haircut men were clean and sophisticated. There was no shortage of options for men wishing to make a statement with their hair. From the renowned “parted and pomaded” to the daring slicked-back look, there was a style for all.


The 1930s have a lot to offer in the world of men’s hair, whether you’re a fan of vintage Hollywood or admire the timelessness of this era. If you’re ready to learn more about the legendary hairstyles of the 1930s, read on.


Hollywood legends like Gary Cooper and Clark Gable helped to popularize the Parted and Pomaded look. For a sleek and chic appearance, hair is parted on one side and slicked back with pomade.


Slicked Back 1930s Haircut Men


The hair was pulled back tightly with pomade for a smooth, glossy finish in this daring style that was popular with gangsters and rebels of the time.



The Wave


To give the hair a more relaxed and natural appearance, this style involves using a heated iron to produce waves in the hair. Jazz musicians favored this look, which was coupled with an undercut that was slicked back.



The Finger Wave


The finger wave is a complex hairstyle that includes utilizing finger waves to create wavy patterns in the hair. For extra shine, a smooth and shiny pomade is used with this look.



For a visual tutorial on how to style the finger wave, click here.


Short Back And Sides


This traditional cut featured short sides and back hair with longer top hair for a style that could be worn in a variety of ways.



The Military Cut 1930s Haircut Men


For a no-nonsense appearance, the hair was cut short all over in this rigid and disciplined cut. It’s modeled after military hairstyles.



How To Care For 1930s Haircut Men


The 1930s’ sleek and glossy appearances required the use of pomade, hair oil, and wax. To ensure that your hair looks its best and stays in place throughout the day, spend money on high-quality products.


Pay attention to your hair type because various hair kinds call for various styling methods. For instance, a lightweight pomade that won’t weigh your hair down is best if you have fine hair. If you have curly hair, you should pick a pomade that will help you define your curls and control frizz.


It’s crucial to begin with clean, dry hair before styling your hair. To keep your hair healthy and in top shape, use a shampoo and conditioner of the highest caliber.


Before using your pomade or wax, think about using a pre-styling product such as hair oil or volumizing mousse. This helps establish the ideal foundation for your hairstyle.


A comb is necessary for recreating the exact and refined appearances of the 1930s. To untangle your hair, use a wide-tooth comb, and to style it, use a fine-tooth comb.


Once you’ve achieved the look you’re going for, hold it in place with hair spray. This will lessen flyaways and keep your hair looking wonderful all day.


The 1930s saw significant advancement and change, which was reflected in the time’s fashion and hairdos. There was no shortage of choices for men wishing to make a statement with their hair making it a wonderful decade for fashion!


So why not adopt one of these timeless 1930s haircuts for yourself and express your inner Clark Gable or James Cagney? You may get a chic and sophisticated look with a little work and the correct hair products that will never go out of style.


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