Braid Styles For Men – 5 Braids Styles for 2022

Braid Styles For Men – 5 Popular Braids to Rock in 2022


Braids have been of huge cultural significance among many groups of people. Knowledge on braid styles for men has been passed down from generation to generation. Braids can actually be traced back to being as old as 3500 BC. For more information about the history of braids click here.


Daily we see many people of many lineages wearing braids and that’s for good reason! Braids have the ability to create beach waves and volume when worn overnight, they can signify one’s culture, and they can be used to seamlessly add extensions into one’s hair. Recently, the growing trend of men wearing braids in their hair has encouraged many to try them out because braids are not just for women. Here is a list of the top five most popular braid styles for men to rock in 2022.





Cornrows are one of the most classic braid styles for men. They are really unique and show one’s personal flair and your hair doesn’t even need to be long because the braids start right at the scalp.


Dutch Braid



The dutch braid has been around for many years and is the opposite from a french braid because the braids are raised. Whether you want to rock dutch braids or wear them overnight to create waves and volume in your hair, this style of braid looks clean and is a great way to incorporate some style.


Box Braids



Box braids are more often seen on African American men because of their sleek style and their ability to protect your hair in a non damaging manner. Box braids get their name from the way the hair is parted on the scalp; in a box shape. Box braids can be maintained by using a silk pillowcase or bonnet at night and by washing them every two weeks, and moisturizing daily.


Braids with Fade



We all know and love a good fade for its ability to elevate most hairstyles and give off a clean, maintained look. Braids paired with a fade is visually striking because it can accentuate them and draw the eye to the sleek and stylish braids.


Man Bun Braids




Pairing braids with a man bun can elevate the whole look and can add a dimension of practicality. Wearing a man bun keeps your hair out of your face and can be easier to sleep with. Opt for a non damaging ponytail to keep your hair protected and safe.


Braids are one of the most perfect hairstyles out there because they look great on their own and extremely stylish and put together with one of the hairstyles mentioned above. Anyone can rock braids even those with short hair as extensions can be seamlessly brained in. Whether you want to elevate your look or opt for a lower maintenance hairstyle, this guide of the top 5 braid styles for men in 2022 is your perfect guide.


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