Bryce Harper Haircut – Hairstyle Inspiration

Bryce Harper Haircut – Hairstyle Inspiration


Bryce Harper is a professional baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies, joining in 2018 after his time playing with the Washington Nationals. He’s been called a “five-tool player” meaning he excels at all five physical tools: Speed, Throwing, Fielding, Hitting for average, and Hitting for power. Having such a profound career in professional sports naturally accrues a lot of fans, both men and women. He has provided incredible inspiration for many men with his effortless hairstyles and sense of style. If you’ve been looking to switch up your hair game or simply admire Bryce Harper, then this list of Bryce Harper Haircuts is the place to start!


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Shaggy Bryce Harper Haircut

The long bangs and messy cut pair extremely well together. His dirty blonde hair color highlights his light eyes. If you want the same effect, opt for a natural hair color. This hairstyle is super easy to style, requiring only a bit of styling each morning.




The Fohawk is in right now so why not give it a try? It’s the perfect hairstyle to try without having to cut your medium length hair or alter it. Simply use a bit of pomade to shape your hair up and together adding spikes and volume.



Slicked Back Bryce Harper Haircut


You can see Bryce sporting an edgy and rebellious haircut from time to time. This look is so laid back and stylish and doesn’t require a whole lot of styling. You need medium to long length hair and a bit of gel to slick your hair back. Pairing this look with shorter sides definitely elevates it.





Undoubtedly, the asymmetrical haircut is a bit odd, but it is perfect for those wanting to try something new and unique. This hairstyle works really well for those with fine or thin hair as it’s easily malleable. You can really play around with this hairstyle, be creative!



Layered Fade


This may be one of his most visually striking hairstyles! A subtle fade paired with a longer top is an interesting contrast that is sure to turn heads.



Bald Fade


The bald fade is super trendy right now, and for good reason! It’s handsome and professional all in one look. Paired with a slicked back top you really can’t go wrong with this look.



Sports are a huge part of most people’s lives and with that comes admiration and appreciation for our favorite players! We take inspiration from the people we look up to, and Bryce Harper is a great example of that. The Bryce Harper haircut is always evolving and providing us with all the hair inspo we didn’t even know we needed.


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