Burst Fade – Burst Fade Haircuts For 2022

Burst Fade – Most Popular Burst Fade Haircuts To Try In 2022


The burst fade is likely the most visually striking fade out there! It can be added to any haircut making it invaluable to anyone with any hair type looking to switch up their style. Curly, straight, or wavy, the burst fade is for you!


What Is A Burst Fade?


Once you know what a burst fade is, it’s very easy to remember. A fade is a fade that is tapered by the ear and gradually becomes longer in the back. The hair is cut in a way that almost resembles the ears natural curvature. It is such a strikingly awesome haircut that looks great on short and medium hair! Now that you know what a burst fade is, the only thing left to do is decide what haircut to pair it with!


Burst Fade Mullet



Any variation of the mullet is eccentric and striking, but when paired with a fade you get an element of uniqueness and style. Since the hair is typically much longer in the back with a mullet, the fade pairs nicely. Opt for some spikes or a touch of color for a truly awesome haircut.


Burst Fade + Curls



Popular among black men and men with thick curls, the burst fade worn with natural hair looks stylish and clean! Sporting your natural curls is always a great look especially when they’re styled and hydrated. Opt for a natural curl defining shampoo to polish your curls and keep this look refined.

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Bald Burst Fade



This is the haircut for men who have a lot of thick hair and like to keep it short or thinned, especially in the summer. Shaving the sides below the fade looks sleek and edgy and will definitely help to keep you cool and looking fresh.


High Top Burst Fade



A modern take on the high top fade, this look features striking contrast and clean edges. The perfect haircut to simultaneously grow out your hair and keep it looking fresh.


Fade + Faux Hawk



The fade & faux hawk combo is a little less of a commitment than a full on mohawk which is perfect for those who work in a professional setting or don’t like to go too crazy with their hair. This is still an attractive and edgy haircut!


Fade + Comb Over



The ideal haircut for those who enjoy the combover due to its professional and manly appeal but want a more modern cut. Using a wide tooth comb and a bit of hair gel, part the hair and slick it back and to the side for an awesome hairstyle that’ll last all day.


When sitting in your barber’s chair you may be faced with dozens of different options of fades to select. This is your sign to try out a fade with your next haircut for a modern and stylish take on any of your favorite hairstyles!


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