Business Haircut – Top 5 Professional Men’s Haircuts of 2022

Business Haircut – Top 5 Professional Men’s Haircuts of 2022


There are quite a few haircuts for men that come to mind when we think of “professional” looks. This is because for certain careers, having a professional and modern haircut can mean that you look the part for your job and can create a level of trust and comfort especially when working with clients. The good news about sporting a business haircut is that most of them are super quick and easy to style in the morning and require a trim only every few weeks!


If you are changing careers or are just seeking a new look, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 business haircuts to try out in 2022.


Slicked Back



This hairstyle sports business casual and is probably the most simple to maintain hairstyle of the whole list. You’ll need a reliable gel or pomade to keep your hair in place all day. A small, fine toothed comb will help brush the hair back and keep the product from clumping.


Side Part and Beard



Ever heard that to look professional you need to be clean cut? Trash that, because it is one hundred percent acceptable to wear a well kept beard to work in 2022. Some even find it boosts confidence and can accentuate one’s presence in their company. The key here is to keep your beard clean and well maintained. Pairing a well kept beard with a hard part or side part looks sleek, clean, and professional.


The Pompadour



The pompadour is still as popular as it was in the 50s when Elvis rocked it, and for good reason! This haircut looks incredibly professional and put together. Almost like it took hours to style in the morning. You’ll need medium length hair and a quality pomade to keep the hair in place.


Short Waves


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Short waves are a great way to style your curls in the professional setting. They look sleek, put together, and stylish.
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Crew Cut



The crew cut may be the most popular hairstyle among men of all ages. It consists of longer hair on top and shorter on the sides and back. It looks like a mini pompadour and is incredibly easy to style; just a bit of gel or hairspray to push the hair up and back and a bit of product to keep any fly aways down. There are many variations of the classic crew cut which makes it a great option for some added personal flare at work.


Choosing a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and able to express yourself can be challenging. Adding the element of professionalism only makes it more intimidating. Not to worry, there is certainly a look out there for you that is both professional and unique to your style and flattering to your facial structure. Refer to this guide of business haircuts for men on your next trip to your barber!


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