Cowlick Haircut – Managing Your Cowlick

Cowlick Haircut – Managing Your Cowlick


Have you ever felt like managing your cowlick is hopeless? You’re not alone! Because cowlicks are incredibly common and almost everyone has one, it makes sense that others struggle to hide or style their noticeable cowlick. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to styling your cowlick haircut with fashionable styles and useful tips & tricks to work with your hair, not against it.


What is a cowlick?


Simply put, a cowlick is a portion of hair that grows against the grain. Usually it looks like a swirl or a whirlpool causing the hair to be a bit challenging to style. You can find cowlicks on many mammals, even your dog! They are a natural part of life and begin to form while we’re infants in the womb. Both women and men have them, although they are less noticeable on women due to their lack of visibility on long hair. Cowlicks will not go away so it’s best to embrace them as a natural human condition!



Wear the right hairstyles


Since cowlicks cannot be removed, it’s best to wear a hairstyle that will work with your hair to hide your cowlick! It’s important to understand what type of hair you have and your hair tendencies to best pick a cowlick haircut. If your cowlick is towards the front of your head, and you have a fuller, thicker head of hair, a quiff or a pompadour hairstyle. This will hide the cowlick with volume and style. If your hair is thinner, opt for a spiky hairstyle. This will add some volume and keep any multi-directional hair in one place. For any of the hairstyles listed, use a max hold pomade or gel to keep any stubborn hair in place all day.



Hair Products


Utilizing high quality hair products is half the battle when it comes to styling your cowlick! The idea is to keep the hair in the same direction. Unfortunately, that is very difficult without the use of styling products. A max hold gel or pomade will be your best friend in your styling process. Another great tool is a blow dryer. To get the most out of styling and the best results, using heat will increase your hairs pliability and durability! When your hair is damp, use a comb and hair dryer together to shape your hair the way you normally would. Apply some product and you’re good to go!



Grow your hair out


The last useful tip is to grow your hair out! Cowlicks are hardly noticeable on women with long hair because the weight of their hair pulls on the cowlick, weakening its form and shape. For men, opting for a medium to long hair length allows for more possibilities of hairstyles and it aids in the process of hiding a cowlick.



There are many aspects of being human that can make us feel insecure or uncomfortable with our bodies, but it’s important to understand that we are not alone! 90% of humans have a cowlick and it only makes us more connected and relatable to one another. The good news is that confidence can be achieved regardless of who you are. Taking the time to style and understand your hair will help you achieve the confidence to rock a cowlick hairstyle!

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