Curly Fade Hairstyles for 2022

Curly Fade Hairstyles


Curly fade hairstyles are one of the most popular cuts at the moment for men with curly hair due to their affinity for textured hair, long or short and how quick the styling process is. The great thing about fades is the vast amount of style and length options available. For example, fade haircuts can include high, low, medium, burst, temple, and bald. Styling with a fade can make curly hair much easier to manage especially when paired with a quality pomade or hair cream. For a look that shows off more curls go for a lower fade. For a look with more texture and length try a high fade. If that isn’t your style, not to worry as there are plenty of other medium fade variations to give a shot. Here is a comprehensive guide to curly fades. 


Taper Fade Hairstyle



A style that is a classic for many people with curly and textured hair! With a natural, sleek line maintained behind both ears, the taper fade quickly fades the hair along the temples and neckline.


Drop Fade



The drop fade hairstyle is similar to a normal fade haircut with the exception that it gradually fades around the back of the head and around the front hairline. This results in a sharp, flattering outline of the face and an accentuated depth of the crown. 


High Fade plus



An incredibly easy look to style as the top is the main and basically the only focus meaning you can have a quick wash and be out the door, or spend a bit of time styling. This cut is characterized by a high fade that extends out from the hairline, with the rest shaven off. A sleek way to wear your curls! 


Temple Fade plus Curly Fade Hairstyle



This fade drops before the temples and leaves the area shaven. It can be worn in many different ways such as a mullet, bro look, or jockey look. 


Curly Blowout



The blowout is a low fade around the sides and back with the hair styled up and back. Feel free to add as much personal flare to this look as your heart desires. A unique and stylized option is dyed curls with a few lines shaved in on either side. 


Curly Hair Fade plus Line Design 



The best way to rock this look is with a drop fade, fringe on top, and a few creative lines or shapes shaved on the sides. For more line design ideas click here


A curly fade hairstyle is an incredibly easy way to look put together and stylish. Not to mention a great way to maintain natural curls, short or long. The possibilities of the fade are absolutely expansive and give you an opportunity to show some personal flare. To maintain a fade, keep up with regular trips to your barber. 

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