Different Types of Fades

Different Types of Fades


There are many different types of fades out there. Fade haircuts are one of the easiest, most sought after, and the most popular hairstyle trends for men. They are incredibly easy to obtain and style, with regular trips to the barber being the only maintenance required. A key aspect of why they’re so popular is the fact that anyone can wear a fade and look good. 


Typically when people think of a fade they think of high, medium, and low, referring to how high the fade starts on the head. Bald fades, temple fades, and shadow fades are all great choices as well. 


Check out this list with photos of the different types of fades. 


Bald Fade



The bald fade can be any type of fade but is characterized by the fade ending at the skin revealing the scalp. This look pairs well with a cool design in the hair for some contrast. 


Temple Fade



Also known as a Brooklyn fade or a low fade, the temple fade is a short haircut where the hair tapers from the skin at about .5 inches long, beginning at the temples. This hairstyle is typically paired with longer hair on top and in the back with a clean cut on the sides. An ideal look for black men with curly hair. 


Shadow Fade



The shadow fade is growing in popularity and trendiness as a lot of international athletes wear this style. It is characterized by a distinct contrast from darkness to lightness or thinness of the hair. Another key benefit of this hairstyle is its tendency to enhance anyone’s facial features and face shape. For more information on shadow fades and how to get them, click here


High Fade



The high fade hairstyle is essentially like the other types of fades with the distinction of the hair starting higher at the top of the head than the low or mid fade. This style used to be incredibly popular in the black community throughout the 70s & 80s and has since grown again in popularity. This style looks great in combination with other unique hair trends such as a sharp line or braids. 


Mid fade



The mid fade haircut is the perfect sweet spot between a high fade and a low fade. This cut features hair that begins to fade just below the temples and lands around the ears. A simple yet stylish look that can be paired with other cool hair trends. 


Low Fade



The low fade is the fade known for being professional and classic looking. It starts with short hair above the ears and gradually fades longer to whatever hairstyle you’d like above the ears. 

When styling, it’s important to know your hair type and texture. For thin hair, a light pomade is key for keeping your hair in place to accentuate your fade. For thick curly or wavy hair, a leave-in product or a max-hold pomade may be suitable to keep your volume and texture in place.  


Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle to feel confident in or are looking for a change of style with your go-to fade, this list of different types of fades is your key in determining the perfect fade for you! 


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