Eboy Hairstyles – Looking Fresh In 2023

Eboy Hairstyles – Looking Fresh in 2023


Eboy hairstyles have been around for many years and are far from a new hairstyle trend. Like many haircuts, it has gone through different variations as modern fashion and style adapts to the times. The trendy and handsome eboy haircut is defined by fringe bangs pushed to the side. The reason that this hairstyle is so popular is because it can be worn by anyone with any hair type which was not a feature of its previous thin, straight haired 1990s version.


What Is The Eboy Hairstyle?

The eboy haircut is generally defined by long hair on the sides, styled to resemble bangs. It’s worn best with a middle part, although it can be worn with a side part. Any length hair works for this look, although the longer the better. Layers pair well with the eboy haircut and can give your look some extra volume. The messier the better with this hairstyle, especially for those with straight or thin hair. The vibe given off by this look is shaggy, mature, carefree, and adventurous so really have some fun and play around with this hairstyle!


Products For Eboy Hairstyles


A high quality hair gel is recommended for this look as a pomade or mousse can possibly weigh your hair down. You’re looking for this hairstyle to be lightweight with movement. If your hair tends to lay pretty flat a blow dryer and roller brush are going to be your best tools for styling the eboy haircut. The main idea is volume and movement so using the roller brush, brush up and away from the head while blow drying to add some shape and texture.
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Wet Look Eboy Hairstyles



The wet look is incredibly popular right now and for good reason! First, those with straight hair thrive with this look because it accentuates your natural hair type. Second, the wet look allows you to wear as much hair product as needed to obtain the eboy hairstyle while still looking amazing.


Curly Eboy Hairstyles



Probably the most popular eboy variation is the curly eboy hairstyle. It looks awesome because the volume and shape is perfectly contrasted with the shag! Not much work is needed for those with naturally curly hair, just the perfect haircut.


Timothee Chalamet



Timothee Chalamet is definitely providing hair inspiration for many young men around the world and it’s no surprise why. His dark and curly hair is styled in a way that looks handsome and mature yet youthful and stylish.


Dyed Hair



If you tend to be more adventurous with your hair, the eboy hairstyle is still right for you. The best thing about this hairstyle is the personal flair we see with everyone who sports it. Adding some color or even going blonde really highlights this look!


Surfer Eboy Hairstyles



The surfer cut has been around for a long time with many variations. One of the greatest is the eboy variation with added layers and fringe for an even more laid back look to fit your lifestyle.


Undercut Eboy



If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will really catch people’s eyes, opt for an undercut with your eboy haircut. This is great for men with thick hair as the undercut will help maintain some of your hair and keep you feeling cool.


Straight Eboy



Who says straight hair can’t be shaggy? During your next trip to your barber’s, have some layers cut in for added volume and use a roller brush and blow dryer to get the desired shape.


Eboy hairstyles will always be evolving and remain relevant because long, shaggy hair is quite popular amongst young men. Whether you’ve been wanting to switch up your current hairstyle or are looking for more eboy inspiration, this list of eboy hairstyles is the perfect place to start!


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