Flow Haircut – The Ultimate Men’s Guide for Flow

Flow Haircut – The Ultimate Men’s Guide for Flow


The flow haircut is a trendy style that is only growing in popularity. It has had many names as it’s been worn by many different groups of people like jocks, preps, stoners, and business people. However it is now known simply as the flow cut. Since this style works with the natural length and texture of your hair it makes the flow a desirable cut for those who want a laid back yet stylized look. Light product is very helpful when trying to style the flow. There are multiple ways to rock the flow haircut and below are some tips and tricks for personalizing your look in style. 


The Flow cut


A blanket term for a haircut that is any length and encourages the hair to do what it wants to without too much interference. Typically people choose to brush it back and out of their face. It’s an easy-going hairstyle that can be worn however you’d prefer.



Short flow


The Short Flow is typically under 3 inches in length and utilizes natural waves or curls to get the desired look of movement. Hair can be the same length on all sides or rocked with a longer top and shorter sides. A person with straight hair can absolutely take on this long. With a little product and a blow dryer you can create the visual of movement in the back. While blow drying, brush the hair back and away from the face. Use a very light product to keep the hair in place for an effortless look that lasts all day. 



Medium flow


The Medium Flow is usually longer than 3 inches in length and can be worn and styled the same way as the short flow. Typically this style is rocked by athletes and skaters. 



Long flow haircut


The Long Flow starts around the bottom of the ears and can be worn at length you desire. For best results it’s recommended to visit your barber for often trims to keep your hair healthy, split ends at bay, and to keep that flow style effortless and natural to your hair. 



Flow with Beard


Any lengthened flow works wonderfully for this style! All it takes to achieve the Flow cut with beard is a distinguished flow haircut with a nice full beard. The contrast of a medium length flow with a lined up, fresh beard is a look that will turn heads. 



Flow on top Short Sides


A twist on the original flow that is long on the top creating the flow look with shorter sides that are of your desired length. 



Hockey Flow haircut


Some think that the Hockey flow was the first version of the increasingly popular Flow cut. Typically worn ear length and pushed back behind the ears. 



Flow Hawk


This cut works best with more of a faux hawk that pushes up to keep that look of movement. Pair it with a temple fade for a look that is unique and original. 



Baseball Flow


The baseball flow resembles the mullet in some ways but is really a means to show off your flow while wearing a baseball cap. Typically short on top and long in the back. 



Flow haircut for Straight Hair


You can still achieve a Flow without any waves as shown below with this straight hair Flow. Typically worn with medium length hair, this look is created by pushing the hair back and away from the face to keep texture and movement with pin straight hair. You can rock it this way or use a blow dryer and round brush to add in some waves. 



The Flow haircut has been around for a good amount of time and since it is trending towards a hairstyle that people find easy-going, effortless, and attractive, now is the perfect time to decide on a variation that works best for your lifestyle, facial features, and personality! It’s advisable to find a few reference photos to bring with you on your next trip to your barbers to ensure the look you want is the look you get as there are many different ways to rock the Flow haircut. 


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