Gel vs Pomade – Men’s Guide

Gel vs Pomade – Men’s Guide


How many times have you left your barber with a fresh haircut that’s styled to perfection, only to feel discouraged about your ability to confidently replicate it at home? If this is you, not to worry! Many men find themselves in this position and it’s likely by design. With hundreds of different styling products marketed towards men, it can leave anyone feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused. Below we’ve put together a men’s guide with everything you need to know when deciding between gel vs pomade. So if you’re ready to feel confident in your styling abilities, read on!


Gel vs Pomade – Gel


Gel hardens the hair to produce a slicked back look or the iconic wet look. It is the strongest hold product available for men and can keep your hair in place all day long! Since gel is water based, easily rinses out with water, and won’t clog pores, many men prefer gel as their go to styling tool. It’s recommended for men with thin or fine hair as it can add some texture and volume.



Drawbacks Of Gel


Gel has been known to cause flakes in your hair especially with prolonged use. To avoid this only use the amount you need. Start with a dime sized dollop of gel and add more if necessary. Avoid gels that contain alcohol since this ingredient is notoriously drying.


How To Style With Gel


Starting with clean hair is ideal however if you are in a rush, wetting the hair with water is fine too. Get a dime sized dollop of gel and begin to work the product in with your hands. You can check out youtube videos or ask your barber how to style the specific hairstyle you’re going for. Using a fine tooth comb can help disperse the product evenly and create a smooth finished result!



Gel vs Pomade – Pomade


Pomades come in two varieties: water based and oil based. They are both a flake free alternative to gel and don’t dry out or harden the hair. This allows you to restyle throughout the day, adding more product when necessary. Water based pomades wash out with water and oil based pomades can be a bit trickier to wash out. If you enjoy a slicked back or greaser look then an oil based pomade can provide you with more shine than a water based product.



Drawbacks Of Pomade


The main drawback of oil based pomade is that it is difficult to wash out. You can try a clarifying shampoo once a week or a scalp scrubber each time you shampoo. Oil based pomades are not recommended for people with acne prone skin as they can clog pores and lead to breakouts.


For a visual tutorial on how to use a scalp scrubber, click here.


How To Style With Pomade


For a shinier appearance with less hold apply the pomade when your hair is wet. For more hold and less shine apply the pomade when your hair is dry. Begin by warming up a dime sized dollop into your hands and work the product through your hair to create your desired shape. A fine tooth comb can help with product dispersal and styling!



When it comes time to choose between gel vs pomade for your styling needs, there are a few things to consider. Your desired hairstyle, hair type, and personal styling preferences can all be considered to choose the best product for you! Opt for a gel if you like the slicked back look or opt for a pomade if you prefer the matte thick look. You can also provide photos to your barber of your desired hairstyle and they may even have the product needed for sale at the shop.


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