Gentlemen Haircuts – Looking Your Best in 2022

Gentlemen Haircuts – Guide to Looking Your Best In 2022


What makes a Gentlemen’s haircut so appealing and timeless? A gentlemen’s cut is always a great way to seem professional and mature while accentuating your manly facial features. Regardless of your profession of lifestyle, the ability for more doors to open for you is possible because of the nature of the gentlemen’s hairstyle; mature and stylish. Taking time each morning to style your hair and fine tune your look speaks volume. So if you’re looking to up your hair game, check out this list of gentlemen haircuts to keep you looking your best in 2022!


Short Comb Over


The comb over is a timeless gentlemen’s cut that will most likely always be relevant. You can rock it the classic way or upgrade to a more modern version featuring a shorter top and sides. Use a strong hold pomade to keep the hair in place all day. A small comb can be used to create a clean, crisp side part and to brush the hair to the side. The clean and fresh vibe from this look comes from an ultra defined hair part and lack of fly aways so be sure to use enough product to look fresh all day!



Buzz Cut


Traditionally, a buzz cut may not be the first hairstyle that comes to mind when picturing gentlemen’s cuts. However, given the tight and clean look a buzz cut provides, it’s perfect for any setting. The buzz cut is likely the lowest maintenance hairstyles out there, only requiring regular cuts which you can most likely do at home with high quality clippers.




Ivy League Gentlemen Haircuts


The Ivy league haircut is a very traditional hairstyle that is typically seen in a professional setting. Regardless of your career or lifestyle, the ivy league haircut looks timeless and can be worn by anyone with any hair type. Use a light hold hair gel to give the hair on top a bit of shape and volume.



Crew Cut


Another hairstyle that isn’t seen as a typical gentlemen’s cut, but it definitely works. Having texture and contrast is the modern gentleman’s style and it looks great. You can opt for a fade of any length to pair with this cut for optimal personal flair and style.




Slicked Back


The slicked back hairstyle is an incredible way to show off your facial features as it pulls attention away from the hair and towards your face. This look is appropriate for any occasion, from a casual party to a corporate meeting, you’ll definitely look your best with this hairstyle.




Pompadour Gentlemen’s Cut


The pompadour hairstyle is an iconic men’s hairstyle that has seen many evolutions. Beginning in the 50s by the gentleman himself, Elvis Presley, the hairstyle has evolved to a more tame and professional look. You can wear this hairstyle with any length hair and can pair it with a fade or taper. You’ll need a lot of your favorite styling product to achieve this hairstyle. For a visual tutorial, click here.




Whether you’re starting a new position and want to up your hair game, or are seeking to spice up your style a bit, you can never go wrong with one of many gentlemen haircuts!


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