Goatee Beard – Caring for & Styling your Goatee

Goatee Beard – How To Care For A Goatee & The Most Popular Styles


A goatee is a style of facial hair defined by the hair that grows below the lower lip and usually points down. Throughout the years the term goatee has become a bit loose and refers to any facial hair connected below the lip like a mustache and chin hair or a mustache and beard hair. Having a loose definition is a good thing because it means you can wear many different facial hair styles and still sport a good look. It’s important for men to have the proper facial hair care in order for your look to seem clean and stylish. An unkempt beard or goatee can appear careless or messy.


How To Grow A Goatee



In order to grow out a goatee, you’ll first need to leave the hair on your face alone for about a week, or a bit longer if your facial hair grows slowly. This can be a bit of a choppy process, but not to worry, it’ll all come together. If you are like many other men and experience patchiness with your facial hair, you can try out hair growth oil for some help. Once you have the hair required to sport a goatee, it’s time to trim!


How To Trim A Goatee



First, let’s discuss what is needed in your beard shaving kit: blade, comb, scissors, beard trimmer, and shaving cream. A nice beard oil or aftershave are optional but definitely a nice touch that’ll step up your game.
When all of your tools are in place, it’s time for the fun part, to trim!


  1. Comb out your facial hair for a tangle – free workplace.
  2. Mentally map out the style and length you’re going for.
  3. Mentally contour the shape of the goatee you desire.
  4. Trim along the contour you previously mapped out.
  5. Using a mirror, shave over all your facial hair with a trimmer to get everything aligned & one smooth length.
  6. Wash your face with a gentle face wash in warm water, rinse with cold, and pat dry.
  7. Comb your fresh goatee.
  8. Use beard oil to smooth everything out and to polish your fresh trim.
  9. Enjoy!


For a short tutorial on how to clean up your facial hair, click here.


Choosing The Right Goatee For You



The process of choosing the right goatee is incredibly simple! Understand what areas of your facial hair grow the fastest and thickest and pair that with your goatee to achieve the fullest look possible.


How To Maintain Your Goatee




Facial hair care should have as much attention and time spent as haircare or body care. Regular trims will ensure you look well kept and stylish. Shampooing, conditioning, and oiling your goatee will keep you looking & feeling fresh all day!


Here’s some photos of well kept and stylish goatees for some inspiration!

Whether you have a goatee already and are seeking the proper tips and tricks facial hair care, or are new to the facial hair game entirely, this Goatee beard article is your best guide for everything goatee related.

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