Hair Design Men – The Coolest Hair Designs To Elevate Your Look In 2022

Hair Design Men – The coolest hair designs to elevate your look in 2022


Hair designs for men are amazing for many reasons. Mainly they encourage your creativity to shine and they are an excellent outlet to express yourself! One of the coolest things about hair is that it grows back. This can be incredibly freeing because you can experiment with different shades, cuts, lengths, and designs all with the freedom of knowing that even if you dislike something, your hair will eventually become a blank canvas once again. With that in mind, this may be your sign to get that crazy, awesome design that you’ve been wanting shaved into your head! Here’s a list of the coolest looks to choose from.


Here’s a cool tutorial for adding lines at home.


Lines Hair Design





Lines are the safest bet when opting for a cool design. They are simple yet very stylish and intriguing. You can add them just about anywhere on your head or beard and they elevate any look!


Diamond Hair Design Men



We’ve seen brands and major companies utilize the diamond’s interesting and sleek look for marketing or branding, why not utilize it yourself? The Diamond hair design is a fun way to show off some personal flare and style!


Flame Hair Design Men



The flame hair design for men is a really cool option because it can look super defined or up for interpretation. Here we have the flame design that on first glance looks like a set of mountains!







The lightening hair design may be the most popular design out there. It looks sleek and fresh and you can make it as drastic or subtle as your style allows for!





The rose hair design is perfect for a subtle and elegant design. It tends to pair well with certain floral t-shirts or hoodies and can accentuate a fresh beard!


Hair designs are typically pretty easy to style and the hair is usually shaved pretty short. However, if you have longer hair on top, use a light gel or pomade to keep your hair styled and in place. Most barber’s are equipped to do simple lines so make sure your barber has the knowledge, ability, and desire to create hair designs before you ask them for a more complex design such as the rose.


Whether you’re looking to switch up your current hair design or want to venture into a more creative hairstyle, refer to this list on your next visit to your barber!
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