Hair Texture Men – 4 Different Hair Types

Hair Texture Men – 4 Different Hair Types


If you want to elevate your hairstyle and feel more confident you’ll first need to understand your hair type. Having good hair isn’t just about working in a hair product, it’s about knowing your hair’s tendencies and working with it, not against it. There are four main hair texture men with different shapes and growth patterns. Understanding your hair texture will help you feel and look better so read on to discover more about your hair.


What Are The Four Hair Texture Men


The four hair textures are straight, wavy, curly, and coily. The follicle shape plays a major role in determining the texture of your hair. A round follicle creates curly hair and an oval hair follicle creates straight hair. Basically, the rounder the follicle the curlier the hair. The angle the follicle is in the scalp also affects hair texture. A 90 degree angle means pin straight hair, while a more acute angle means curlier hair. To ensure your hair is healthy and has the ability to be styled correctly, it’s important to use proper hair products for your hair type. Hair care is not a one size fits all and you’ll likely go through some trial and error until you find the perfect hair care regimen.


Straight Hair


Straight hair has been romanticized by men and women due to its easy going and simple nature to care for and style. If you have straight hair you’ve probably noticed how little effort you need to put into styling to have your hair look nice. The downside to straight hair is its affinity towards greasiness. Straight hair can also be thin and brittle. A pomade is straight hair’s best friend because of its ability to strengthen and add hold. There are two types of pomades you can opt for, matte finish or high shine. High shine gives a glossy and slicked back look perfect for a fancy dinner or for the office. Matte finish is a bit more volumizing which is great for a casual setting.



Wavy Hair Texture Men


Wavy hair is right in the middle of straight and curly and is the most neutral hair type. Wavy hair is the ideal texture for most men because you get all the volume and none of the styling trouble. Men with wavy hair can opt for a number of laid back or professional hairstyles with only the help of a hairbrush and a high quality styling pomade. Wavy hair that is fresh out of the shower should be lightly towel dried to avoid changing your natural hair shape.



Curly Hair Texture Men


Healthy curly hair is definitely one of the most attractive hair textures because of its ability to accentuate one’s facial features and even their personality. Curly hair needs hydration. Hair oils and high quality shampoo are a must for ensuring hair health. Washing curly hair should be done no more than three times a week. The straighter the curls the more often it’s okay to wash.



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Coily Hair


Often referred to as kinky hair, coily hair is defined by ultra tight ringlets seen more often in Afro-style hair. The same way curly hair doesn’t like to be washed too often, coily hair does best with extra hydration. Shampoos rich in hydrating oils such as jojoba, coconut, and castor are recommended. Styling coily hair can be done in a number of ways. Letting your natural hair down unstyled looks sleek and edgy. Opting for braids or a man bun is a great way to keep your hair out of your way and to appear put together in a professional setting.



Hair texture men is a very important topic that men should aim to understand. Since there is no one size fits all for men’s hair it’s vital to understand your hair type and its tendencies to properly care for and style it. Your barber can help immensely choose the right hairstyle and hair products for you.


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