Haircut For Asian Male -2023

Asian Male Haircuts


Finding the perfect haircut for Asian male can seem daunting since there are many different factors to consider. Age, culture, career, hair length, and styling ability are all aspects that one needs to consider before being able to sport your best look. It’s known world wide that Asian men have incredibly soft and beautiful dark hair that can be styled any number of ways.


What Makes Asian Hair Unique


Asian hair tends to be different from other people’s around the world. Compared to caucasians who have about 5 layers of hair cuticles, Asian people tend to have 10 layers. Not only do they have more layers but the cuticles are wider, thicker, and more densely compact than caucasian hair. Asian hair also experiences less breakage and quicker regrowth. Having such strong hair is possibly why we see a lot of new hairstyles and hair trends come from Asian cultures because their ability to experiment and change their hair is greater.


Now that we understand a bit about Asian hair, let’s dive right into a list of the top 10 more popular Asian male haircuts in 2023!


Fringe Haircut For Asian Male


Thick hair can be worked in a number of ways to create volume. This is perhaps why a fringe hairstyle is incredibly flattering on Asian men. Ask your barber for some medium layers and face framing layers. Use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and shape to your hair.



For a visual tutorial on how to style front fringe hair, click here.


Short & Spiky


The short and spiky is ideal for men who want to spend as little time styling each morning as possible. Using a light gel or hairspray, brush damps hair up with your fingers. Apply product to your hands and work your hair until you’re satisfied with the shape.



Shaved Sides & Long Top


This look is unique and simple to style! With medium to long length hair, ask your barber for faded sides and back and part the long hair to either side of the head. For some added hold you can apply your favorite styling product to the longer hair.



Undercut Haircut For Asian Male


Using some hairspray, style the longer hair on top upwards and backwards to give a sharp contrasted look that will leave you feeling fresh and confident all day.





Seen prominently sported by young Asian men, the messy hairstyle is trendy and sharp. Using hair gel and your fingers, simply run your fingers through medium length hair until you reach your desired shape.



Bangs Haircut For Asian Male


Bangs for men are another type of fringe hairstyle. You’ll need medium length hair and some styling product of your choice. Sweep the bangs to one side of the forehead and add some product. You can use hair clips each night to train your bangs to stay on one side.



Top Knot With Fade


This is a sophisticated hairstyle that doesn’t require too much styling. Tie the longer hair back into a small bun and pair this look with a fade and beard for a sleek and styling look.





There are a wide variety of K-pop hairstyles including fringe, colored, and messy. With so many to choose from, you’ll surely find one suitable for you.



Long & Straight Haircut For Asian Male


If you’re looking for a hip and timeless hairstyle, the long and straight is for you. Since most Asian hair is straight and thick, this look can be achieved by simply combing through clean hair.



The Comb-Over


The comb over is an elegant and timeless look for any man in any setting. Part the hair on either side and comb the hair to the side using some styling product. Paired with a fade this look is incredible.



Asian men have a unique advantage when it comes to their hair: strength and texture. Utilizing your natural hair to find the perfect haircut for Asian male can be made easy by referring to this list! Always bring photos for your barber to review for inspiration.


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