Haircut For Waves

Haircut For Waves


In this haircut for waves tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know about what the waves hairstyle is and how to style it! To achieve the waves hairstyle you need kinky curly hair also known as type V hair. The waves hairstyle gives the illusion of waves running through your head and it’s achieved by grouping together the kinks when brushed so they form together creating a wave like pattern when done properly.


How To Get A Haircut For Waves


To start your hair needs to be short and even across with a maximum length of ¾ of an inch. Type V and type IV hair are typically the only suitable hair types for waves. Start with clean damp hair, achieved by either washing your hair or using a spray bottle. Apply a generous amount of wave pomade or product to your hair. This will help keep your waves intact once styled. Using a hard bristled brush, brush your hair in a circular motion starting from the crown of your head to your hairline. You can use a small handheld mirror to ensure that you’re brushing in an even pattern allowing the waves to look symmetrical. After brushing with a hard bristled brush, switch to a soft bristled brush to smooth down your waves creating a polished and smooth look. Repeat this 10 minute brushing process twice a day for weeks at a time until your waves are formed. You can wear a durag to keep your waves in place until set. Patience is the most important part of this process as it can take a few weeks for your waves to set as desired.


360 waves are certainly the most iconic type of waves however, there are many different haircuts for waves to choose from. Here’s a list.


180 Waves


The 180 waves hairstyle is essentially waves on one section of the head. This can be a great look for those who enjoy a fade or line designs incorporated into their hairstyle. The styling is just the same as 360 waves but with regular trips to your barber for frequent haircuts.



For a visual tutorial on how to achieve 180 waves, click here.


Blowout Haircut With Waves


Typically, waves are suitable for men with short hair but as we see in this look it can be done on longer hair too. Also known as the Brooklyn blowout or Afro blowout, this hairstyle features shaved sides and long brushed back waves on top.



Haircut For Waves With Beard


What’s better than a full head of slick waves? A full head of slick waves paired with a clean trimmed beard. For a more mature and professional hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with this look.



Half Moon With Waves


A half moon design is usually added to the high and tight hairstyle or a fade but looks awesome paired with waves due it’s sharp contrast. This is an eye-catching look for those who want to show some personal flair!



Opting for a haircut for waves can be a great choice for men who like to take care of their hair and have a sense of pride attached with their hairstyle. This look takes time and patience to achieve but when done it is incredibly handsome and stylish. If you don’t feel comfortable styling waves yourself, don’t worry! There are many extremely talented barbers in every city who can leave you feeling fresh and stylish in their chair.


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