Haircuts For Kids – Stylish Haircuts For boys

Haircuts For Kids – Stylish haircuts for boys


When it comes time for your kids’ next haircut, there are many factors to consider that could be overwhelming. Kids are creative and imaginative, and tend to enjoy their overgrown or shaggy hair as it is a part of their formative identity. School dress code and a flattering cut to your child’s facial structure and hair type are more things to consider when the time comes for haircuts for kids.

As we grow older we begin to understand our hair better and how we like it to look based on our personalities, facial structure, and hair type. Children will go through many different haircuts before they find one that they like enough to repeatedly get when they visit their barber. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the classic and new haircuts for boys that will help them feel confident and proud of their hair!


French Crop with Fade



The french crop is a wonderful haircut for boys as it is easy to care for and maintain. It works well with most hair textures and can be elevated in appearance when paired with a fade. A pomade or gel can be used to achieve the desired volume on top.


Kids Undercut



This is a classic haircut for kids and for good reason. It’s easy to maintain and provides some level of professionalism and maturity which is especially appealing for those who attend a private school or are in academic clubs.


Hard Part for boys



The hard part hairstyle is a great option for most boys because almost any hairstyle looks good paired with a hard part.


Fade with a design



Adding a design to a boy’s haircut can help them feel more creative and confident because they get to add some personal flair to their look. Look up some cool designs to show their barber on your next visit.


Long & Shaggy



A lot of boys enjoy rocking long hair and for good reason! If your child insists on having long hair, consider adding some layers to add depth and volume. This also helps with the transition to short hair if that is something they choose down the road. A light pomade can help style the hair into place. They can also incorporate braids to add some more style and overnight waves.


Here is a simple tutorial on how to braid.


Undercut with Short Textured Crop



An undercut is a great way to have a clean put together look for your child while still having an element of style and length. Use a pomade or gel to add volume to the top.


Working with your child to find a haircut that makes them feel confident and in control while meeting your standards can be challenging. Remembering that they need to feel good about their hair to develop a healthy body image is very important at their age. This list is a great guide to achieving happiness within both parties!


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