Haircuts For Older Men

Haircuts For Older Men – Inspiration For The Older Generation


There are many haircuts for older men to choose from. It’s an unfortunate misconception that older men need to buzz their hair or wear a comb over to hide their gray hairs or balding spots. Regardless of color change or hair growth, there are many awesome haircuts for older men that can boost your confidence and enhance your personal style!


Tips For Aging Hair


If you find yourself experiencing a change within your hair, don’t panic. Everyone ages and their appearance changes. You can find a haircut that you feel confident in or you can try to modify your hair so it’s appearance doesn’t change too much. It’s common for older men to dye their hair as some men don’t feel comfortable or confident with gray hair. Other men wear a tupe or have a cosmetic procedure for their hairline. A hair growth serum is a great option for those who are experiencing balding or thinning, and supplementing hair loss with a rocking beard or goatee is another great option. When it comes to working with your hair changes, personal preference and confidence plays a huge role in finding the best solution. To better find a haircut that is suitable for your hair change, check out this list of haircuts for older men!


Crew Cut


The crew cut is an awesome choice for older men! It’s low maintenance and works well with a receding hairline. To style this look you’ll need only a few minutes each morning with your favorite hair gel and a small comb. Using plenty of product, brush the hair up and slightly back.



Long Bro Flow


We’ve seen this haircut rocked by Jeff Bridges and it looks great. Especially worn by those with curly or wavy hair, the volume and texture looks stylish and youthful. You can put your hair in braids the night before or for a few hours for added texture.



For a visual tutorial on how to braid, click here.


Buzz Cut Haircuts For Older Men


Looking for one of the most low maintenance yet stylish haircuts? The buzz cut is the hairstyle for you! This look is great for men with gray hair or a receding hairline. It’s youthful and practical and will keep you looking fresh in your older years.



Clean Shave – Haircuts For Older Men


Some really handsome older men have decided to be done with all things hair and just sport their bald head. It’s a bold decision but one that looks really stylish and edgy. There is no maintenance aside from regular shaves and regular washing. This look paired with facial hair is incredibly cool and will turn heads for sure.



Side Part


For men that seek a professional and elegant hairdo, the side part is a great choice. It can hide any imperfections such as balding and can elevate your facial features. Using a max hold pomade, comb the hair to the side. Make sure you have a very defined part to get the best out of this hairstyle!



Aging can be a difficult natural process of life, but there are ways to feel more confident in it! Whether you are experiencing hair changes or are seeking a new hairstyle in your life, this list of haircuts for older men is the perfect place to look!


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