Haircuts With Beards

Haircuts With Beards


For many men, sporting their beard is just as important for their confidence and style as sporting a nice haircut. Your hair can either make or break your look so it’s important to know what look you’re going for and how to style it. Pairing haircuts with beards is a practice that men have mastered since styling became commonplace. If you’re ready to own your masculinity and feel as confident as ever, check out this list of potential haircuts with beards to try!


How To Care For Your Beard


It’s important to view your beard and the skin beneath as just important to care for as the rest of your body! You can achieve the proper care with just a few steps daily and some weekly. Wash your beard regularly! Just like the hair on top of your head, your beard can quickly become oily and dirty. Use a special beard shampoo or your regular shampoo to keep your beard neat and clean. Using beard oil can ensure that the hair remains hydrated, soft, and looking its best. A few drops of beard oil massaged into the hair can help with dandruff and itchiness. After your beard is clean and oiled, use a beard comb through the hair to remove any knots or tangles. If you want to do any braiding or styling, the appropriate time is after this step. Lastly, regular trim your beard and the hair on your face to have a fresh and clean looking appearance.


For a visual tutorial on how to wash and oil your beard, click here.


Curly / Wavy Haircuts With Beards


If you’ve ever struggled to embrace your volume rich curls or waves then this is the hairstyle for you. A well-trimmed and full beard pairs wonderfully with curly or wavy hair. To keep your hair shape well defined use your favorite gel or pomade to style, and to ensure your hair is hydrated use a high quality hair oil.



Taper Fade Haircuts With Beards


A taper fade paired with a beard is a great option for many reasons, mainly contrast. If you have a long beard then you can pair the hair on top short. If you have a short beard then keep the hair on top long. Or you can opt for a medium combination of hair on top and beard. This look is so visually striking it’ll surely turn heads. To maintain this hairstyle you’ll need regular trips to your barber to keep the fade looking fresh. Keep up with regular beard maintenance and you’ll be feeling and looking your best!



Slicked Back With Beard


The main focus of this look is the beard. The hair on the head is styled simply to draw attention to your well groomed facial hair! Feel free to add some personal flair to this look by finding the sweet spot of hair lengths on either your head or face. Use a high quality pomade and fine tooth comb to slick your hair back and in place all day.



Short Line Design With Beard


Another visually striking hairstyle idea for you. This look is completed by a sharp hairline with a slight fade and a sleek design. The beard blends seamlessly with your hairline resulting in a professional yet casual hairstyle that will leave you feeling confident and stylish!



Bald Haircuts With Beards


Whether you chose to be bald or you’re ready to quit fighting with hair thinning, shaving your head bald is a decision you likely won’t regret. With less styling time and more money in your pockets from less products needed, you can focus on your beard. Opting for a long beard gives you the freedom to style it many ways or opting for a short beard gives you the freedom to style less.



Pairing haircuts with beards is a great way for men to add some personality into their look and to feel confident in their masculinity. It’s important to care for your beard properly, including frequent cleaning, hydrating using an oil or balm, combing, trimming, and moisturizing the skin underneath. With many potential options to consider when selecting a beard and hairstyle combo, this list can help point you in the right direction!


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