Haircuts With Numbers – Men’s Guide

Haircuts With Numbers – Men’s Guide


Haircuts with numbers can be made incredibly easy to understand by knowing which numbers correlate with which lengths and varying hairstyles. If you’ve ever had a difficult time explaining the certain length of hair you want to your barber, it most likely comes from a lack of understanding about this topic. In this blog we’ll reference a list of the different numbers and lengths so that you feel like a pro during your next visit to your barber!


Easy Guide For Haircut Numbers & Clipper Sizes


When talking about clipper guard sizes you’re referring to the attachments that go on a hair trimmer or clippers. Each guard has a number on it referencing the length that the hair will be cut to. These guards increase at a rate of 1/8th of an inch.


#1 Clipper Length – 1/8 in.


#2 Clipper Length – 1/4 in.


#3 Clipper Length – 3/8 in.


#4 Clipper Length – 1/2 in.


#5 Clipper Length – 5/8 in.


#6 Clipper Length – 3/4 in.


#7 Clipper Length – 7/8 in.


#8 Clipper Length – 1 in.


If you’re ready for some visual examples of each haircut number, read on.


Haircuts With Numbers – 0


The number zero haircut is achieved by using bare clippers without a guard. This results in a shaved head or the shortest version of a buzz cut possible. For men who dislike styling their hair or are experiencing hair loss, this is a great option for you. Many men who shave their head claim a sense of freedom and confidence they’ve never experienced before with a shaved head. Styling the number zero basically involves keeping the head and neck clean.



Haircuts With Numbers – 1


The number one haircut is cut short to 1/8th of an inch. It is the second shortest buzz cut available and will expose the scalp making it perfect for a fade when paired with other hairstyles.



Haircuts With Numbers – 2


The number two haircut is the most popular haircut length (¼ in.) and for good reason! With this length, the scalp is not exposed making it the most favored buzz cut length. It’s also a great length for any number of fades and hairstyles. Men with thin hair can utilize this hair length to give the illusion of a fuller head of hair. Styling this length is super easy with only a high quality shampoo needed.



Haircuts With Numbers – 3


The number three haircut is cut to ⅜ of an inch and does not expose the scalp. This length is suitable for all hair types, thick and thin. Typically, this is the shortest a barber will go when cutting a fade.



Haircuts With Numbers – 4


Often seen sported by professional men, this half an inch hairstyle is sleek and mature. Typically, it is styled forward or a bit spikey using a high quality pomade.



Haircuts With Numbers – 5


The number five haircut is the longest yet and allows for a bit of styling. It’s ⅝ of an inch and can be paired with a fade for a stylish and professional hairstyle.



Haircuts With Numbers – 6


The number six haircut features a length of ¾ of an inch and can start to resemble a crew cut when paired with a fade.



Haircut Number – 7


To really make this ⅞ of an inch hairstyle stand out and to make it your own, pair this look with short sides and back to make the hair on top stand out.



Haircut Number – 8


Typically the number 8 hairstyle is the longest length you can get with clippers. With one inch of length you can begin to style your hair in a number of ways such as a short quiff, crew cut, or slick back.



For a visual guide on clipper numbers, click here.


When you understand what the different haircuts with numbers are then you will certainly feel more confident asking your barber for your best hairstyle! Play around with different lengths and styles until you find the best length suitable for your face shape and features!


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