Hairstyles for Black Men: 5 Popular Cuts 2022

Hairstyles for Black Men: 5 Popular Cuts 2022


There are an absolute metric ton of options for black men when it comes to styling their hair – and tons of amazing options. Most of the most popular styles are different combinations of length and texture on top, with any kind of fade and a line up. The options are endless, whether you want to wear your hair long, short, twisted, dreaded, curly, carved, there’s a great look for everyone. That being said, in most cases texture is the name of the game no matter which length you choose. Let’s get into some of the most popular hairstyles for black men in 2022!


Sponge Twists w/ Line + Fade


Simple cut with sponge twists, a line up and a ‘swoop’ line carved in. The line up + mid fade on the sides looks incredibly clean and well shaped.


Long Curls w/ Fade


Any variation of long curls with a fade are super popular hairstyles for black men in 2021 and 2022: the longer length allows for a whole lot of volume, and having the edges lined up with a fade maintains the clean look most go for.


Medium Locs w/ Mid Fade


Another very popular cut in recent years, the volume created by medium to short length locs looks awesome with a beard and any kind of line up + fade.


High Top Fade


The High Top Fade is one of those cuts that will just never go out of style – we expect this one to keep looking stylish forever.


Waves + Beard Fade


Another classic, any variation of waves with a line up + fade is going to look great. This is one of the more involved styles on the list, taking some time to perfect the waves look.




This article would *literally* be hundreds of pages long if we covered all of the options available when it comes to styling black men’s hair. Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas about how you can experiment with the length, volume, curls, and fades. For a more extensive list with specific variations, head over here. Generally speaking you’ll be good to go with most combinations – it will look clean with a nice line up and any sort of fade or taper cut. 


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