How To Get Wavy Hair For Men

How To Get Wavy Hair For Men


The amount of different hairstyles for men is constantly growing and evolving in style. You have the classics like the buzz cut or the pompadour however, textured hair is becoming just as popular as it was in the 70’s. Hair that is styled with volume and texture in mind creates a look that is put together, yet easy-going giving a laid back and stylish feel to your personality. Wavy hair is one of the best ways to rock some texture and volume without spending too much time getting ready in the morning. Following the steps below will ensure you know how to get wavy hair for men with just a few extra minutes spent each day. 


There are three main tools to utilize for perfect wavy hair. Depending on your hair length and texture, one option may be more suitable for you over the others. People with naturally wavy hair may not need any of these tools as simply air drying does the trick.


 Blow Drying



Blow drying damp hair is one of the best options for those with pin straight hair. Heat has a way of making hair stay in place the whole day, which is ideal for someone with little to no waves. You’ll need a basic blow dryer and a product of your choice like a mousse or a gel. For best results you can partially twist sections of your hair into waves while damp so the blow dryer cements it in place. After your hair is in a shape that you are happy with, simply apply your product with your fingers in a pinching or scrunching motion. A roller brush is also a great tool for working with existing waves or for some added volume. Typically a roller brush is used on damp hair, brushing up and back, away from your face with the blow dryer nearly touching the brush. 





Braiding is another suitable option for those with pin straight hair but can work on any hair type as long as there is some length. Braiding is most efficient when done on damp hair and when it has the time to dry and style, ideally overnight. The art that is braiding may take some practice as there are dozens of different types of braids that can result in a variation of waves. The most common braid can be achieved by separating either the whole head or sectioned off portions of hair equally into three pieces. Hold each section separately and start from left to right crossing each section over the middle until you reach the end of your hair. Tie it off with an elastic so it stays secure. For a visual guide click here. The awesome thing about using braids to create wavy hair is that they don’t have to be neat or clean for the final result to be perfect. For added volume, use a salt spray on damp hair before braiding. 




For those who have a natural wave already going for them, a simple application of a light product will do the trick. Starting with damp hair, create the waves of your choice using the pinch method with your thumb and index finger or scrunch your hair with your hand and apply the product to hold it in place. Sea salt texture spray is a natural product usually with added conditioner for shine and hydration that gives the wavy hairstyle a surfer or skater look. Mousse is another great hair product for enhancing and keeping your waves in place. Look for a mousse with curl enhancing or curl defining properties for an even quicker hair routine. 


Whether you want to switch up your current hairstyle or keep up with the growing volume trend in men’s hair, this guide is perfect for finding the right tool for you to use when wondering how to get wavy hair for men.




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