How To Style Mens Curly Hair – Maintain And Be Proud Of Your Curls!

How To Style Mens Curly Hair – Maintain And Be Proud Of Your Curls!


For most women, hair care is almost second nature. It’s a prioritized routine that involves different products and skills often resulting in confidence when it comes to their hair. For men, this isn’t always the case, especially for men with curly hair! We all know that curly, kinky, or wavy hair demands a lot more attention than pin-straight hair, so it makes sense that some men with curls would rather buzz their hair or wear it in a ponytail as often as possible. Curly hair is beautiful and should be shown off! So what if there was a way to sport your curls without sacrificing half your morning or crushing your bank account? Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you can get your haircare routine in full swing in just a few minutes each morning and without damaging your funds.


Less Is More


When it comes to shampooing your curls, less is more! We may have been taught from a young age that it is essential to wash our hair everyday. This simply isn’t true. Our scalp produces an oil-like substance called sebum that is responsible for hydrating and protecting our hair. It also is essential for hair growth! When we wash our hair with conventional shampoo daily, we scrub our sebum and the benefits associated with it away. Conventional shampoo is littered with sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, chemicals, and dyes, ultimately leading to dehydration and damage to our hair. Opt for a more natural shampoo. If you have naturally oily hair and find that skipping a wash leaves you feeling uncomfortable, there is a method for you. You can begin to train your hair to be less greasy by cutting one day of washing a week for two weeks. After two weeks, cut two days of washing, and so on. Eventually you’ll want to get to the point of washing every other day or once or twice a week depending on your hair.

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Conditioner is one of the best tools men have for their curly hair, and sadly enough, many men never use it. There are two notable types of conditioner for curly hair: Conditioner used after shampooing & Leave in conditioner.


Conditioner that’s used after shampooing should be left in your wet hair while in the shower for at least two minutes and then rinsed completely. Using a wide tooth comb in the shower while your conditioner is sitting can actually help the shape of your curls when dry!
Leave in conditioner is beneficial for the hydration of your hair and the shape of your curls. It can add volume and definition to your hair. A high quality oil or butter can be substituted for leave in conditioner.

It should be noted that shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is for the ends of your hair.



Wide Tooth Comb


Brushing your dry curls with a brush can result in massive puffiness and cause your curls to be misshaped. A good habit to pick up is simply brushing your hair while in the shower and towel or air drying! This will keep your curls in place and add volume without the poofiness. A wide tooth comb will be your best friend when it comes to styling.





If you want to use additional products to actually style your hair, opt for products designed for curls. There is a whole market of products made with natural ingredients designed specifically for curly hair. A max hold gel or pomade can be used to hold your curls in place. Another great tool for men with curly hair is a silk bonnet or a silk pillowcase. Using either of these products helps to protect your hair while you sleek. The silk material protects against friction known to damage hair while sleeping!


Whether you have never had a hair care routine or are looking to mature your pre-existing one, it is never too late to dive deeper into the practice of hair care. Spending a few extra minutes on your hair each morning can help you feel more confident in yourself!


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