Korean Hairstyles Men – Popular Styles For 2022

Korean Hairstyles Men – Popular Korean Hairstyles In 2022


Korean hairstyles for men are becoming more and more popular worldwide and for good reason, they look amazing! Not only are Korean hairstyles influencing grooming techniques for men, they’re creating them! With the rise of K-pop popularity and influence, many men are seeking the stylish and professional Korean hairstyle look. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to change up your hair, now’s the time!


Slicked Back with Side Part


This is a look that can be worn by basically anyone, with any hair type, or existing hairstyle. Long hair, fringe, or short spikes? You can still rock this cut. Use a max hold gel to slick back the hair. Paired with a side part, this hairstyle is professional and edgy.





Korean style curtain bangs can accentuate every great facial feature! They give an element of lax and laid back while also looking put together and professional. To achieve this look you’ll need to visit your barber for some layers. Using a high quality pomade, work some product in with your thumb and index finger to shape your hair in the desired place. The messier the better!





The Korean style mullet is likely the most popular stylish Korean cut. It is a bit looser and more stylish than your traditional mullet. Longer hair in the back and shorter, cropped front and sides give this look the appeal that many people are seeking. This hairstyle can be paired with faded sides for even more style.



Medium Layered Korean Hairstyle


Like the two block hairstyle, layered Korean hairstyles rely on medium length hair to create the look. Most Asaian hair is straight and thick so this hairstyle works because the hair falls forward and keeps its shape. If your hair is thin, using a gel or pomade will help to keep your hair in place all day.



Buzz Cut


Although all the haircuts talked about on this list are medium length, that doesn’t mean that a buzz cut isn’t stylish. The Korean buzz cut hairstyle for men accentuates the jawline and gives an edge to your overall look! This hairstyle is incredibly easy to maintain with regular trips to your barber or home cuts.



Korean culture is very rich and influential so it makes sense that we are seeing more and more Korean trends here in the states. Whether you enjoy Kpop or the incredibly stylish fashion trends from Korea, now is the perfect time to sport a Korean hairstyle for men!

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