Best Male Punk Hairstyles (2022)

Male Punk Hairstyles


In modern day, being punk has many meanings and many different subgenres and subgroups. The term punk is associated with rebellion and individuality. Punk became popular in the 1970’s after 1960 garage rock emerged with fast paced melodies and rhythm with anti-establishment focused lyrics. Being punk now can be associated with a number of different beliefs and lifestyles that doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with a certain genre of music.


Punk is expressive and loud and often you find people who are self identified punk wearing unique hair and clothing associated with their beliefs. Individual expression via clothing, hairstyle, and music is inspiring to ourselves and others. So we’ve put together a list of awesome male punk hairstyles you can rock to show the world your personal flair.
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Slicked Back Undercut



You may be thinking that an undercut isn’t conventionally punk, however the stark contrast of long hair on top to shaved sides and back is the perfect haircut for expressing yourself while remaining professional if you need to adhere to a certain dress code or look. The shaved sides are perfect for showing tattoos.


Short Curly Hair



If you have naturally curly hair, you can opt for this original punk rock look. Tease the curls for added volume and attitude.


Punk Mohawk




The mohawk may be the most iconic punk hairstyle because of its originality and dedication of time needed to create this look. To create a mohawk, section off your hair and use a max hold gel or pomade to slick the hair up and in place. Finish off with hairspray to keep the hair strong and in place all day.


Buzzcut Mohawk



The buzzcut mohawk is an incredible punk hairstyle because of its uniqueness and the ability to wear it to work and school as it is far more in line with any dress code you may have to abide by than your traditional mohawk.


Liberty Spikes



This punk hairstyle screams confidence and action. People who wear this hairstyle tend to be confident in their beliefs and lifestyle. This look will have people stopping to talk to you. Pair this hairstyle with dyed hair for a more interesting look.


Whether you identify as punk or are really expressive with your hair, going for a punk hairstyle is the perfect way to add some flair and creativity to your overall look. Regardless of your hairstyle, dying your hair a bright color or black takes any punk look to a whole new level. Refer to this guide on your next trip to your barber for an awesome and timeless punk look.


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