Men Braids Hairstyle

Men Braids Hairstyle – Braids For Men


Over the years braids for men have increased in popularity and for good reason! Throughout history we’ve seen braids with cultural significance such as African and Scandinavian cultures. Modern day we see braids being worn in casual and professional settings due to their affinity to natural hair types and textures. If you thought sporting a men braids hairstyle was out of the realm of possibilities for you, read on.


How To Sport Men Braids Hairstyle


In order to wear a braided hairstyle you will need some length. Medium to long hair is essential for the hairstyle, although men can add faux hair to their natural hair via braids. Adding faux hair is very easy and seamless because of braids, as the three stranded design incorporates both types of hair. When adding hair extensions, always visit your barber as they are the professional and will have you looking fresh and put-together. Depending on the type of braid you’re going for and your hair type, you may be able to braid your hair at home. Men with thin straight or wavy hair can opt for styles like the dutch braid or braided bun.


These styles can be learned fairly quickly on youtube. Men with tight curls or kinky hair are better off visiting their barber or a salon as the process of adding braids can be quite lengthy and requires a bit of experience.


Check out this list of different braided hairstyles for men to find the perfect look for you.


Two Braids


The two braided hairstyle is popularly worn by Asap Rocky and features two braids on top of the head. They’re usually Dutch braids which means the braids are on the outside, opposite of its inside French counterpart, the French braid. This look pairs nicely with any type of fade or cool design.



Man Bun Men Braids Hairstyle


One of the coolest looking braids styles is that of one that is thrown up into a bun. Use a non damaging ponytail to gather your braids into a twisted bun. This look is great for those who want to switch up their long hair.



Dutch Braids


Dutch braids are very visually appealing when done neatly and tightly. This is a braid that you can master at home with practice and patience. For those with naturally straight hair, you can create waves by sleeping in dutch braids and removing them in the morning for a fresh and laid back look.



For a visual tutorial on how to Dutch braid, click here.


Cornrows Men Braids Hairstyle


It’s hard to name a more iconic braid style for men than cornrows. They’re defined by neat braids braided closely to the scalp, covering the whole head. You can add beads for a more personal flair.



Zig Zag Braids


Zig zag braids are a fun and stylish way to up your look entirely. The hair is parted in a zigzag formation that really catches the eye!



Selecting a men braids hairstyle can seem a bit overwhelming at first and for good reason. To feel confident in your selection, understand your maintenance levels, hair type, and overall sense of style you want to project, and you will be feeling fresh and confident!


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