Men Hairstyle Short – Top Looks For 2023

Men Hairstyle Short – Top Short Looks For 2023


As we are nearing the end of the year, seemingly the trendiest look is men hairstyle short and for good reason! Sporting a short haircut gives off a clean-cut and stylish vibe that really no other look can give. Straight, wavy, or curly hair thrives when worn short and can elevate everything from your outfit to your facial features. If you’re ready for some 2023 short hair inspiration, check out this list of the top looks to try out!


Buzz Cut


We’ve seen the buzzcut decade after decade, typically known as the military cut. Recently, buzz cuts are being paired with faded or bald sides to elevate one’s sense of style giving a fashionable and respectable look. The buzz cut is the easiest of hairstyles to maintain and style, simply wash and go and you’re ready to crush the day.



Side Swept Men Hairstyle Short


To achieve the side swept look you’ll need about 2 inches of length and a high quality pomade. This look is incredibly stylized and is a good option for any formal or professional setting as it gives off a mature and handsome vibe.



For a visual tutorial on how to sweep your hair, click here.


Blowout Haircut


The blowout hairstyle will instantly elevate your whole appearance. It has volume, texture, and style and will certainly help to boost your confidence. For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, styling the blowout haircut will be a breeze. Simply add in some layers and use a sea salt spray before, during, and after your blow drying session. For those with straight hair, add layers and fringe and use a max hold pomade to ensure your hair stays in place all day long.



Crew Cut


The crew cut is a great choice for those who want a bit of day to day variety with their hair. The longer top can be pushed back or to the side and requires very little styling product, like a light hair gel. Paired with facial hair this look will give you a mature and stylish appearance.



Modern Mullet Men Hairstyle Short


We all know the mullet, and whether or not we all love it is up for debate. However, the modern mullet is a wonderful choice for those looking for a trendy yet stylish haircut. It still features the iconic business in the front, party in the back, but it’s much more toned down and appropriate for day to day settings such as the office. You can go as wild or as tamed as you’d like with this hairstyle. Have fun with it!



French Crop


The french crop is an iconic and timeless hairstyle that is beneficial for the wearer in so many ways. Featuring faded or bald sides and a short top this look will surely make you feel your best. The hair on top has loads of fringe with a blunt cut across the forehead. Since this look is full of layers it’s the ideal cut for men with a receding hairline or naturally thin hair. This hairstyle does not discriminate and pairs wonderfully with any hair type and hair texture!



Men hairstyle short is what the majority of men opt for when visiting their barber because of its low maintenance and stylish appeal. Whether you are thinking of cutting your hair or want to switch up your existing short hairstyle, this list of the top short hairstyles for men in 2023 is the perfect guide!


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