Mens Curly Hair Types

Mens Curly Hair Types – A Guide To Understand Your Hair Type


If you have curly hair, you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. On the one hand, curls give your hair personality, volume, and texture. However, they can also be challenging to manage, particularly if you don’t know your curl type or how to properly take care of them. We’ll discuss the various varieties of mens curly hair types in this blog, as well as how to identify your curl type and style and take care of your curls. This tutorial will teach you how to accept your natural texture and rock your curls with confidence, regardless of whether you have tight coils or loose waves.


Men with curly hair can have a variety of various types, and each form has its own special traits and difficulties. The most typical varieties of men’s curly hair are listed below, along with advice on how to maintain each kind.


Type 2 Curly Hair


Type 2 curly hair is distinguished from Type 3 curly hair by loose, “S”-shaped curls that are thicker. It’s crucial to use conditioner and a wide-tooth comb to untangle your curls after washing them because they have a tendency to frizz and tangle easily.



Type 3 Mens Curly Hair Types


This variety of curly hair has distinct, lively curls. It’s crucial to use a nourishing conditioner and refrain from over-styling your curls because it tends to be a little bit dryer and more prone to breaking than other curl types.



Type 4 Curly Hair


This type of curly hair typically has highly dense, tightly coiled curls that are prone to drying. Avoid applying heat or harsh chemicals on your hair and instead gently detangle your curls with a hydrating conditioner and a wide-tooth comb.



Wavy Mens Curly Hair Types


Hair that is wavy is neither completely straight nor completely curly. It is typically simple to style and maintain, and has a texture that is more laid-back and “beachy.” Use a light hold product to accentuate your natural texture and scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel to create volume to keep your waves looking their best.



Mixed Curls


Certain men have manes with mixed curls, with some curls being more pronounced than others. If you have mixed curl types, it’s critical to consider the requirements of each type of curl and use a variety of products and styling methods to take care of your curls.



For a quick visual on how to care for curly hair, click here.


Although curly hair is a special and attractive trait, it does need a little extra maintenance to keep it looking its best. You can embrace your natural texture and rock your curls with confidence by understanding your curl type and employing the proper products and methods. There is a hair styling technique and product that will work for you whether you have tight coils or loose waves. So don’t be scared to try different things until you find what suits you and your curls the best. Your curls will be healthy, bouncy, and full of life if you take the proper care of them.


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