Mens Curly Long Hair

Mens Curly Long Hair


Mens curly long hair can be worn and even characterized in a number of ways. Put simply, there are two types of hair textures: straight and curly. Curly hair is a blanket term that includes wavy, curly, coily, and kinky hair types. A lot of men with curly hair do not even know their hair is curly! This can happen because some curls do not form until the hair is grown an inch or two off the scalp. It’s important to properly care for curly hair not only to look and feel your best, but to also ensure that your hair is healthy. So if you’ve been wanting to grow your hair out or are experiencing messy and seemingly unmanageable long curly hair, read on.


How To Care For Mens Long Curly Hair


Shampoo and condition regularly to help keep your hair clean and hydrated. Since hydration is the key to maintaining healthy curly hair, opt for a sulfite free and curl defining conditioner. Also, using a wet brush in the shower to detangle your hair while your conditioner is setting will prevent breakage and frizz. Rinse your conditioner with cool water. Avoid heat styling tools whenever possible to avoid heat damage, breakage, and dryness. If you must use heat on your hair, use a hair protectant to ensure minimal damage. Hair oils such as argan, coconut, and castor oil are fantastic tools that aid in hydration and hair growth stiumlation. Another wonderful tool to aid in your hair health is using a silk bonnet or silk pillowcase to sleep on. Silk protects your hair from friction while sleeping that could result in breakage. Lastly, visit your barber or regularly trim your hair at home! Trimming your long can seem scary however it’s crucial to ensure that split ends don’t wreak havoc on your growth. Growing long hair takes time so be patient and learn to enjoy the process!


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Now that we have hair care down, let’s dive into some popular mens curly long hair looks.


Shoulder-Length Curls


Letting your natural curls fall to your shoulders creates a casual and handsome hairstyle. You can keep your natural part or go for a clean looking middle part. The hair care mentioned above is crucial to make this hairstyle look nice.



Curly Ponytail / Man Bun


For a laid back yet stylish hairstyle you can put your hair into a high ponytail for volume or a low ponytail for a more casual feel. A man bun is also a good choice in either a professional or casual setting. Use a non breakage ponytail to ensure your hair is damage free.




Mens Curly Long Hair Fringe


Men have worn fringe hairstyles since the 60s and for good reason! Fringe is an excellent way to showcase your natural curls and add some personality to your hairstyle. Not only does fringe look cool but it adds volume and texture to your curls. Ask your barber for some face framing layers and style using a round brush and a light hold hair product.



Mens curly long hair can be worn in a number of ways that work in a casual or professional setting. Different hairstyles give you the ability to show some personal flair and can help boost your confidence! Remember to be patient while growing your hair and prioritize implementing a quality hair care routine to feel and look your best.


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