Mens Haircut Taper Fade – Style Guide

Mens Haircut Taper Fade – Style Guide


A mens haircut taper fade is an extremely proper way to add some personality and style to your hair. It can be worn in a number of ways such as parted down the side, spiky, pushed back, the list goes on and on. Many men are opting for a taper fade hairstyle because of its styling ease and its ability to be personalized! If you’ve been looking to switch up your style and are curious about the taper fade, continue reading.


What Is The Mens Haircut Taper Fade?


The taper fade haircut is similar to a regular fade in the sense that the hair gets shorter as you trim closer to your ear. Typically, the taper fade features longer hair on top, about 4 inches, and gradually “fades” to shorter and shorter on the sides and back of the head. The hair on top can be worn as long as you’d like and can be seen pretty long when paired with a pomp or spiky hairdo.


How To Achieve The Taper Fade


To achieve the taper fade you’ll need about 2 to 4 inches of length of the top of your head. You can absolutely go longer on top however neatness can sometimes be sacrificed with length. The taper fade itself can also show any scars or bumps on your head so consider that when opting for this hairstyle. Additionally, hair products such as a matte pomade or styling gel will be your best friend when styling this look. They’ll help keep your hair in place to not only accentuate the taper fade, but to keep you feeling fresh and put together all day long. Lastly, the key to the taper fade along with any haircut is confidence. Feeling confident in your hairstyle is a tool that will help you to sport your haircut better and put more time and energy into styling.


Different Types Of Mens Haircut Taper Fade


The three main types of taper fades are low, medium, and high. This just means how long you want the hair on top to be, and how high or low you start the fade. You can wear just about any hairstyle with a taper fade, so check out these few styling examples.


Faux Hawk


The faux hawk taper fade is an edgy yet casual hairstyle that requires some length on top. Use your favorite product to spike the hair up and forward creating a small peak above the forehead.



Caesar Mens Haircut Taper Fade


The caesar haircut is growing in popularity recently and for good reason! It’s a relatively simple cut to style and can accentuate facial features on many face types. Featuring a blunt cut at the forehead and hair that is gradually cut shorter at the back and sides. This is a trendy hairstyle that’ll surely turn heads.



Curly Taper Fade


Do you have thick curly locks that you don’t know what to do with? The taper fade is the obvious answer as it can thin out some of your hair making it more manageable and stylish in the process. Use a curl defining leave in conditioner to feel your best all day.



For a curly taper fade tutorial, click here.


Buzz Cut Mens Haircut Taper Fade


Pairing a taper fade with a buzz cut is an awesome choice for a hot summer or for someone who doesn’t like styling their hair. Regular trips to the barber is about the only maintenance required to look sharp 24/7.



Mens haircut taper fade is an incredibly easy way to switch up your hair while remaining professional and stylish without sacrificing extra time and energy. Using quality hair styling products and finding a good barber will ensure that your taper fade looks handsome and fresh.


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