The Best Men’s Haircuts For Thick Hair

Men’s Haircuts For Thick Hair


Finding a haircut suitable for men with thick hair isn’t too challenging as there are many men with thick hair who have excellent hairstyles. What can be a challenge is understanding the type of hair you have and also finding a hairstyle that is suitable for your desired time spent styling in the mornings and overall personal aesthetic. First, it’s important to note the difference between having thick hair and having dense hair. Thick hair refers to the individual strands of hair; whether they are thick and wide or thin and small. Dense hair refers to the amount of hair you have! If you have a full head of hair you have dense hair and possibly thick hair as well. So if you do indeed have thick hair and are looking for stylish haircuts, check out this list of 5 very popular men’s haircuts for thick hair.


Pompadour Fade

The pompadour hairstyle is incredibly popular and for good reason! Originating around the 1950s by famous musician Elvis, this look screams volume and style! It’s the perfect look for thick hair as the ability for the hair to stay up and in shape is exactly what this hairstyle needs. Using a max hold pomade will ensure your hair stays in place all day.


Loose Sweep Back


The classic loose sweep back is an iconic hairstyle that screams chill and laid back while also looking handsome and professional. To achieve this look you’ll need to visit your barber for some layers. Layers are done using sheers and are thick hairs best friend! Layers add volume and texture to hair and are essential for this look. A light hair gel will keep your hair fresh all day.



The Surfer


The surfer hairstyle is another look that is iconic and laid back. Typically this haircut is seen worn with medium to long hair as the length is what makes the flow look so effortless and cool. For those with naturally wavy hair, you won’t need to do much. Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to wake up and get out the door looking like a million bucks. Not to worry, here’s a few tips to get natural looking waves. First, using a sea salt texture spray and a blow dryer will get you those awesome waves. Braids are another great tool for crafting waves. Let your damp hair sit in braids overnight or for as long as you can and be amazed when the braids come out!
For a quick video tutorial on how to braid, click here.



Thick Curly Hair


Okay if you have thick curly hair, some may say that you’ve won the genetic lottery. Any hairstyle you choose will look amazing. From a french crop to layered fringe, everyone will turn their heads as you walk in the room.




Short Crop


The last haircut on this list is the short crop. It’s perfect for those who want less hair to manage because the sides and back are cut short meaning the hair is thinned. Less hair equals less time getting ready in the morning! Sacrificing time does not mean sacrificing style!



Managing your thick hair can feel like a bit of a process on some days, especially when your hair isn’t working with you. By finding a hairstyle that you understand and feel confident in, your morning routine can feel like a breeze and may even become enjoyable!

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