Men’s Haircuts Oval Face

Men’s Haircuts Oval Face – Guide To Finding Your Perfect Haircut


We are all born with a different set of features, from hair to body type, we’re all different. It’s important to know your facial type so you can better style yourself and create your unique look! Modern beauty standards, while they can be harmful, view those with an oval face as having the ideal facial structure. We’ve put together this list of men’s haircuts oval faces to help you find the perfect haircut!


The Chris Hemsworth

This Australian actor is the heart throb of the last decade and has been portrayed as such. He is typically seen sporting short to medium length hairstyles and pulls them off with a stylish ease. For this look, the less “perfect” the better. He definitely did not wake up with his hair looking so good, but that’s the vibe to strive for.



Zac Efron Crew Cut

We’ve seen Zac Efron transform from his youth acting with Disney to becoming a grown man portraying more serious characters. As he grew his style became more refined, resulting in his iconic crew cut. This is the perfect hairstyle for those who wish to portray a professional and elegant image.



Leonardo Dicaprio


Leonardo Dicaprio is another name known for being one of the most handsome celebrities these last few decades. We saw him grow from a young heartthrob to a mature, strong, and developed man. During his early career and life he wore the classic 90s haircut, long and messy. He now opts for a vintage yet modern comb over usually paired with well kept facial hair. To achieve this look, you’ll need a small comb and a pomade to keep your hair in place all day.



Tom Hardy Men’s Haircuts Oval Face


Tom Hardy has a vibe that most men strive for. He is adventurous with extreme confidence and has the looks to match. His hairstyles are typically short to medium length with a “messy” look to them. Use a light gel to slick some hair back making sure to leave out a few strands for that effortless coolness.



Christian Bale


Playing some of the most iconic characters in modern day cinema, Patrick Bateman and Batman, his style will forever be appreciated. He is usually seen sporting a messy, gelled look. Even with the messy vibe, he looks professional and put together.



Johnny Depp


Is there a more iconic medium length hairstyle? Throughout most stages of his life Johnny has worn a slicked back and straight medium length haircut. He is perceived as an integrous, caring, and strong man which definitely matches his appearance.



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We can refer to celebrities when seeking a new style as they show us what looks good and what doesn’t. Considering they usually have a personal stylist or assistant, we know they’re getting the best of the best. Whether you want to switch up your current hairstyle or are interested in what hairstyles your fellow oval faced friends are wearing, this list of men’s haircuts for oval faces is the perfect place to start.


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