Men’s Hairstyle Medium Length – Styles for 2022!

Men’s Hairstyle Medium Length – Popular Styles for 2022!


Medium length hairstyles for men are growing in popularity these days and for good reason! In the past, having medium length hair was typically only for a short while as men waited for their hair to grow out. A lot of men feared sporting medium length hair because of the idea that it took too much effort to maintain or they were worried about the “awkward” stage that can be inherent for some while their hair grows. Luckily, all of these concerns can be fixed with a proper hair care routine and the proper products! Sporting medium length hair looks professional, sleek, and stylish regardless of your hair texture. All you have to do is find the right haircut for your personal style and face shape.


What Is Medium Length Hair?


Medium length hair will look different on everybody. However, it is typically classified by hair that is two to four inches in length. This is an ideal length for those who are beginning to understand their hair a bit more because for those of us with curly or wavy hair, sometimes our hair shape doesn’t start to form until it grows to two inches off the scalp. Growing your hair out allows you to rock your natural volume & texture! If you never grow out your hair you may be missing out on all the greatness of your natural locks!


How To Grow Out Your Hair


Growing out your hair can seem like a painful process, but not to worry, there are many tools to aid in this process! Everyone’s hair grows at different speeds so if you are a slow grower, don’t get defeated. Using the proper shampoo & conditioner for your hair type can aid in this process a whole lot. For curls, opt for a curl defining shampoo & leave in conditioner. For wavy hair, use a hydrating shampoo & conditioner. And for straight hair, it’s best to use a sulfite free, soothing shampoo & conditioner. Skipping a shampoo session a few times a week can help your hair grow because the natural oils on our scalp protect our hair resulting in growth. A scalp massager can help stimulate the hair follicles and encourage growth! Another great practice is using a silk pillowcase at night to protect your hair from friction and unnecessary breakage. Lastly, using a wide tooth comb to brush your hair helps prevent breakage. The idea is to nourish your hair without putting unnecessary strain on it. The right tools are key here. A max hold pomade or gel will keep your hair in place all day.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Men


The most important part of finding a hairstyle for you is knowing what enhances your facial features & your hair care tendencies. If you spend a good amount of time styling each morning, a full length medium cut is suitable for you. If you are the type to wake up and be out the door, maybe opting for a long top with short sides & back is the right choice for you and your lifestyle.


Comb Over



The comb over we all know and dislike has made its grand re-debut as a stylish and effortless hairstyle for men. Adding some shag or layers to the comb over actually appears trendy and very well kept. This look is typically sported by middle aged men however has been growing in popularity in younger men. Styling around your cowlick is very easy to do with this modern comb over!


Layered Bowl Cut Men’s Hairstyle Medium Length



Another cut that may get a bad rap in your head from the childhood memories of your mom cutting your hair. In 2022 we’re seeing a lot of old haircuts come back into style with edginess and class. The added fringe gives an additional element of style that is so on trend in 2022.


The Bro Flow



The bro flow may be the best haircut for that easy going yet stylish vibe so many men want to give off. Anyone can rock this look regardless of hair type. If you have straight hair, keeping your hair in braids for a few hours will give you some nice texture and shape. For more information about how to braid, click here.


Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle Medium Length



The Pompadour is a timeless hairstyle that can be worn in many ways. A traditional pomp is high and tight but you can opt for a layered and loose pomp for a laid back look.


Slicked Back



Rocked by many famous actors and musicians, the slicked back look is effortless and incredibly stylish. Using a bit of your preferred product, work it into your hair away from your face and you’re set for the whole day.


Whether you’re looking to grow your hair out or are seeking to switch up your current style, a medium length haircut is perfect for you! In 2022 we’re seeing a lot of new and old hairstyles giving the laid back yet fashionable look. So hop on trend and enjoy your new style!


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