Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


In 2022 there is no reason for men with thin hair to feel deprived of a proper hairstyle! Many men and celebrities experience either a receding hairline or naturally thin hair. It can lead to insecurity and the need for prescription intervention. Luckily for the men with this issue, there are dozens of amazing mens hairstyles for thin hair to boost confidence and to feel your best!


Tips For Thin Hair


To look your best while sporting thin hair, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help your hair to look fuller. First, opt for products with a matte finish. Keep your sides shorter than the top for a fuller look, and opt for a messier hairstyle instead of a slicked back look. A bit of fringe or volume will hide any thin spots. Lastly, growing facial hair can take the eye away from your scalp and accentuate your facial features.


Clean Taper Fade Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


Undoubtedly the best haircut for men with thin hair is the taper fade. It seamlessly transitions from a longer top to shorter sides, adding volume and dimension.



Ivy League Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


We’ve seen this look on Matt Damon and it works wonderfully on those who are beginning to lose some hair. The ivy league cut adds dimension and texture to hide any imperfections. It’s also a timeless and professional hairstyle that will surely earn you respect in your professional and personal life.



Curly Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


If you are balding or have thin hair that’s curly, put the trimmers down! Curls are an excellent tool to disguise imperfections or visible scalp. The volume of your curls can hide any thinness and add some texture that will give the illusion of a full head of hair.



Tom Hardy Spikes


Tom Hardy is a heartthrob Hollywood actor who has been known for his thin hair. He definitely doesn’t let that stop him from rocking an awesome hairstyle. Using a matte finish pomade, spike the hair up and away from your face.



Caesar Mens Hairstyles For Thin Hair


The caesar cut is ideal for those with thin hair as it covers the top and is paired with short or shaved sides. This look can also enhance your facial features as it can cover up a long forehead and blemishes.



Layered Side Sweep


The layered side sweep is characterized by a bit of layers or fringe that are trained to sweep to the side of your forehead. Layers naturally hide any thinness and can take away the focus from the scalp to the face.



For a visual tutorial on how to train your hair, click here.


Balding and thin hair are a natural part of life that many men experience all over the world. If you find yourself feeling unconfident or worried, this list of mens hairstyles for thin hair is the perfect resource to feel confident and proud of your hair!


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