Men’s Hairstyles Thin Hair – Elevate Thinning Hair

Men’s Hairstyles Thin Hair- Elevate Thinning Hair


You wake up one morning and notice a new bald spot or that more and more hair falls out each time you shower, and a feeling of doom and panic sets in. You are definitely not alone there. 40% of men at age 35 begin to see hair loss in some capacity and the number only grows as men age. Women also experience this. It is a natural part of life and although most people experience it, hair loss can feel embarrassing and vulnerable. Whether you are experiencing hair loss and want a new haircut to minimize the look, or have naturally thin hair, we’ve put together a list of the most useful and stylish men’s hairstyles for thin hair!

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Any slicked back hairstyle is great at covering bald or thinning spots. The pompadour is especially recommended here because not only does it cover these spots, it adds volume to your hair making it look full and thick. Using a high quality pomade or gel ensures the hair stays back and in place all day.


Short Mohawk



This hairstyle is great for thin hair because the sides are shaved completely, leaving no room for bald spots. This hairstyle can be worn with any length hair for the mohawk section, but short is the easiest to style and maintain.


Buzz Cut



The buzz cut is one of the most classic hairstyles for men and for good reason! It’s professional, easy to maintain, easy to style, and is good for just about any hair texture and thickness. The buzz cut is cut using a one trimmer and is so short you won’t have to worry about thinning hair.


Razor Shave



If you have lost all desire to style or work with your hair, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting rid of all of it, completely. Men who shave their head have noticed a boost in confidence! Look at the Rock!


High and Tight



The high and tight is characterized by longer hair on top and shaved sides and back. This is the perfect cut for those who have thinning or bald spots in certain areas of the head. For example, if you’re thinning on the sides, simply shave it! Focus on the length up top.


Facial Hair



Most men who are thinning or balding have little to no trouble with facial hair growth. Keeping a little hair on your head, think buzz cut, with a cleaned up beard or mustache is an ideal combination.


The hairstyles mentioned above are all super attainable as they’re popular amongst almost every group of people. Your barber will be able to help you decide the best haircut for you based on where you’re balding or thinning. Finding your go-to styling products will be your biggest strength during the process of feeling confident with your hair! Losing hair in any capacity is a normal part of life and doesn’t have to be stressful!


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