Men’s Layered Haircut: Top 5 Most Popular Cuts

Men’s Layered Haircut: Top 5 Most Popular Cuts


What is a layered haircut?


A men’s layered haircut is a hairstyle that has varying lengths of hair throughout and is appealing for many reasons. Anyone can rock a layered haircut which is great for those with thin or straight hair as they may have a harder time following certain hairstyle trends than those with curly or wavy hair. Regardless of hair texture or shape, a layered haircut adds dimension and flair to most hairstyles. To get a layered haircut, choose a hairstyle that you want and ask your barber to add layers into your hair. There are only a few hairstyles that wouldn’t work with layers, and they’re mostly short haircuts such as a buzzcut or a crew cut. Another intriguing element to the layered haircut is that it has a way of flattering different facial structures and can define the jawline. Here is a list of the top 5 most popular layered haircuts. 

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Short Brush up



This look features hair short enough to stand up with a little product and is pushed up and away from the face. Different from a crew cut in that the hair is layered to add more volume and texture. This also creates a great shape and a stronger hold. 


Straight Textured Hair



Finally, an ideal hairstyle for those with straight hair. Layers tend to show up best in straight hair as they catch the eye without competing with waves or curls. This look can be worn with any length hair but shows the texture best worn short paired with shaved sides and back. 


Long Layered Haircut



Ever get that urge to cut your hair? Ever follow through with that urge to only instantly regret it? Adding layers to your hair is a great way to avoid a drastic cut that you may wind up regretting. Layers are also a great way to wear long hair without feeling too hot during the summer as layers naturally thin out your hair. If you have curly or wavy hair with a lot of volume, layers are a nice choice to add some depth to your hair so that the ends aren’t cut blunt across and accentuate your features with a bit of face framing. 


Mid Length Layered Haircut




This is the perfect haircut for guys who want to grow out their hair but aren’t sure if they’ll like the results (pretty hard not to love this haircut), as there isn’t such a commitment to this hair length. If you’ve ever seen a surfer or a skater with medium length hair then you know just how flattering this look can be regardless of hair length, style, or texture. 


Short Layered Haircut



A short layered haircut is a great transition to layers for men with short hair as the only difference between this cut and your usual haircut is added layers which your barber can achieve quite easily. Next time you’re in your barber’s chair for your normal cut, ask him to add some layers to the top to switch things up and to add some texture. 

Men’s layered haircuts are becoming more and more popular as they’re a great way to accentuate your facial features and add a bit of personal flair to your overall look. Layers tend to grow out quite naturally and you may end up enjoying them more and more as they grow out. If you’ve never had layers and want to experiment, this guide of the top 5 most popular layered haircuts for men is a great place to start experimenting. 


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