Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles (2023)


Men’s medium length hairstyles are incredibly trendy currently in early 2023 and are expected to become more popular! The reason for this is that they’re the perfect middle ground between short and long hairstyles. If you’re trying to grow your hair long, there’s a chance that you may experience an “awkward” stage at medium length. However, picking any of the hairstyles listed below will help you to transition from short to long hair seamlessly. Medium length hairstyles give a laid back yet professional vibe and can be worn in almost any setting. Regardless of hair type or texture, read on to feel your best this year!


What Are Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles?


To have medium length hair you’ll need about 2-4 inches or 5-10 centimeters. The hair on top can be longer with shorter sides and back, seen with a taper fade, man bun with fade, high top fade, the possibilities are really endless. Some men believe that short hairstyles require less maintenance and styling, but medium length hairstyles may need even less. Depending on your hair length and texture, a simple comb through and light product application could have you set and out the door early!


Layered Bowl Cut


Commonly we view bowl cuts as a tragic part of our past that we must never revisit. However, bowl cuts are making a fashionable comeback this year! Layered to create more volume and cut shorter at the forehead, this hairstyle is edgy and trendy.



Bro Flow


The bro flow is likely the most iconic medium length hairstyle for men. It looks as though the wind or the ocean styled your hair giving the most laid back yet stylish appearance. Men with varying hair types can sport this look. With damp hair, brush your hair back and away from your face with a wet brush. Add a touch of styling gel or pomade by massaging the product in your hands and rubbing it back through your hair. Less is more here, you don’t want crunchy or greasy looking hair. Play around with your hair to see how you like it to lay on your face. A bit of volume is key and pulling out a few front pieces can really complete this look.



For a visual tutorial on how to style the bro flow, click here.


Comb Over Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles


The comb over features longer hair on top that is brushed over on either side. Whether you want to sport a sharp middle part or a side part, you have both options with this hairstyle. To add a touch of modern flair to your comb over you can pair it with any sort of fade or line design. A pomade is great for this look. Simply apply the product in damp hair and use a fine tooth comb to part your hair and brush the hair to either side.



Slicked Back Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles


When you want an effortless hairstyle in 10 minutes, the slick back is for you. Apply hair gel or pomade to damp hair and comb it back neatly. If any strands fall out of place you can leave them as it will give you an effortless and edgy appearance!



Wavy and Layered Men’s Medium Length Hairstyles


For those with thin and wavy hair, this look is for you! Thin hair tends to lack volume and shape but when paired with natural or styled waves and layers, you’re left with a voluminous and stylish look perfect for both casual and professional settings.



There are numerous men’s medium length hairstyles to choose from. In this blog we’ve provided 5 popular hairstyle options to choose from to leave you feeling confident and stylish in 2023. It’s always helpful to bring reference photos with you during your next trip to your barber’s. This way you can discuss your hair type and texture to find the best style for yourself.


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