The Top 5 Best Messy Men’s Hairstyles To Perfect In 2022

The Top 5 Best Messy Men’s Hairstyles To Perfect In 2022


Some may think of bed head or a bad hair day when they hear “messy men’s hairstyles”. In reality, sporting a messy hairstyle as a man can be an awesome way to style your hair in a way that’s alternative to a traditional hairstyle. In 2022 we’re seeing trends inspired by originality and uniqueness. People are enjoying the ‘mess’ and imperfection that is inherent to beauty. No one wakes up looking perfect and put together, and in all honesty, that candid look is sometimes better. If you’re ready to sport your sexy mess, this list of the top 5 best messy men’s hairstyles is the perfect place to start!


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Short Messy Men’s Hairstyle



If you prefer your hair to be short but still want a messy, carefree vibe to your whole look, the short messy men’s hairstyle is the best choice! Use a max hold pomade in the palm of your hand and in between your index finger and thumb to shape your hair. This morning routine is super quick and easy and lasts all day!


Medium Messy Men’s Hairstyle



Medium length hair is the best length for sporting the messy look. Having some length allows the volume to show and your curls to hold their shape if you have them.


Messy Caesar



The Caesar cut is growing in popularity because of its stylish appeal. It works just as well paired with a bit of mop up top. Use a gel to keep your hair in place.


High and Tight



The term high and tight applies to many medium length hairstyles but works especially well when paired with a messy look. Ask your barber for some layers added in to give your hair volume and fullness.


80s Messy Men’s Hairstyle



The 80s were a great decade for new trends; music, clothes, and most importantly, hair! Big curly hair was the requirement and for good reason, volume is sexy! We simply cannot overlook the timeless looks that were curated from our favorite bands and celebrities in the 1980s. With the Netflix TV series ‘Stranger Things’ growing in popularity, we are seeing the trends from the 80s come back full circle.


Whether you have a full head of curls or pin straight hair, sporting a messy men’s hairstyle can be a great way to experiment with your hair. Volume is a huge confidence booster and we are not hiding our natural hair in 2022. Grab your favorite hair styling products and head to your barber for some layers, and you have everything you need to sport a handsome messy hairstyle in 2022.

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