The Mexican Taper Fade – History and How To Get

The Mexican Taper Fade


Also known as the Edgar or Takuache haircut, a look that was originally sported by Latina boys. It gained popularity after one of the famous baseball players, Edgar Martinez’s fans shaved Martinez’s face into their head. For more of the origin story, click here. The Mexican taper fade consists of a short haircut with the focus being on a blunt cut shag lower on the forehead with the sides and back tapered, faded, or undercut. The Edgar cut is also a take on a Cesar haircut. This look is ideal for those who want an easy to maintain haircut while also sporting a unique look to pair with their personal style. 



How to achieve the Edgar Cut


Basically when you visit your barber you’ll need to have some shag cut in the front which is essential for this look so make sure your hair is grown out a bit. The amount of shag is dependent on personal style, some wear it cut just at the forehead and others a few inches on the face. The characteristic look of this cut also consists of shorter backs and sides. This incredibly personalizable haircut can consist of a taper, fade, or undercut. 



How to style the Mexican Taper Fade


Anyone can wear this hairstyle, even those with curly or wavy hair. Depending on whether or not your hair holds its shape is a key determining factor of the amount of effort you’ll have to put in to get the maximum style out of the Edgar cut. Either way, using a blow dryer to set the hair in place is key. If your hair needs a bit of help staying in place, a pomade or light gel will help with that along with protection from weather and forehead sweat or oils. For curly or wavy hair, a light product can be used to style the shape to your liking. 



How to maintain the Mexican Taper Fade


Since the hair on top is long and the sides are cut short, this hairstyle can become overgrown quickly. Visit your barber regularly depending on how quickly your hair grows to maintain a clean cut, fresh looking haircut. You can also try different variations of this style by letting your hair grow out a bit and changing up the length of the top and the cut of the back and sides. 



Looking for a new haircut to suit your style and personal flare? The Mexican taper fade may be for you as it is versatile, unique, and stylish. Whether you want to rock this in the shape of a mullet or a shag, this look seemingly can never be overdone or out of style. 


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