Pop Smoke Braids – What Are They And How To Style Them

Pop Smoke Braids – What Are They And How To Style Them


Pop smoke braids are a style of braids that have many enchanting qualities! They are a protective hairstyle meaning they can protect your natural hair and scalp. the hairstyle has been growing in popularity as they were worn by now deceased rapper Pop Smoke. They catch the eye with their sleek and stylish vibe and can be worn for 4 to 6 weeks depending on how you care for them. Since there are many different ways to wear them, here’s a list of the most popular variants of these braids.



Small Pop Smoke Braids


The benefit of wearing small braids comes for their ability to work well with thin hair or a receding hairline. If you have a receding hairline you can have the front hair braided in a curved manner to mask the thinning look. These braids may be small but they are mighty.



Braids With Beads


Wearing beads in your hair is a great way to show off some personality and originality! You can customize your look with different colors and shapes depending on personal preference. Beads pair especially well with pop smoke braids, regardless of the shape or length of the braids.

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Long Pop Smoke Braids


This hairstyle is perfect for those with naturally long hair or for those with fake hair braided into their natural hair. Since braids are a protective hairstyle, you can grow as long as you want.



Braids With Color


Adding color into one’s hair has become popularized within the last decade because it allows people to express themselves and show some personality! Color in hair is not limited to any hairstyle, hair texture, or hair shape.



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Whether you are an avid braid wearer or are looking to try out braids for the first time, pop smoke braids are a great option for you. They are stylish, professional, and timeless. One of the best qualities of this hairstyle is that you can wear them however you’d like. With color, long, short, small, big, the possibilities are endless. Next time you visit your barber, tell them you want pop smoke braids and listen as they tell you all the ways you can wear them.


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