Powder On Hair – Men’s Guide

Powder On Hair – Men’s Guide


Every man interested in different hairstyles and hair products surely knows a thing or two about mattifying pomades. However, there are many different hair products that are ideal for men to keep in their hair arsenal! Now that summer is almost here and it’s beginning to feel hot and humid out, men’s hair powders are a tool that can help you style in a number of ways! For a men’s guide on hair powder and a list of hairstyles that include applying powder on hair, read on!


What Is Hair Powder?


Also known as texture or matte powders, hair powders are a lightweight tool that can add volume and texture to your hairstyle. They resemble baby powder and typically come in a small shaker bottle. They create texture by increasing the amount of friction between each strand. Being made of varying ingredients such as silica silylate, rice powder, and kaolin clay, people with sensitivities or allergies have a better chance at finding a suitable product!


Who Should Put Powder On Hair?


You may feel surprised if you’ve never heard of hair powder since anyone can use it! For men with fine and thin hair, powder on hair adds insane volume. Men with thick hair can enjoy the added texture from hair powder. If you find your hair greasy within the same day of washing, hair powder can absorb excess oil or sweat keeping your hair fresher for longer! Since hair powders are relatively mild in scent and fragrance, men with sensitivities or allergies can reap the benefits without any concern.


How To Use Hair Powder


Always apply hair powder to clean and dry hair. If applied to wet hair, the finished result will look cakey and flat. Begin by applying a small amount to your roots. Bend over and apply more powder throughout your hair. You can use a comb or your hands to evenly disperse the product. Hair powders can be paired with a volumizing sea salt spray for extra texture and volume, perfect for summer! It’s noteworthy that hair powders can feel a bit drying so don’t expect completely smooth and soft hair. Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner can help combat any drying effects.


For a visual tutorial on how to apply hair powder, click here.


For a list of popular hairstyles that use hair powders, read on!


The French Crop


The french crop is a hairstyle that can benefit immensely from some extra texture. Although the hair lays flat, volume is important for the overall look. Apply a small amount of powder and work it through with your fingers.



The Pompadour


The pompadour may be one of the biggest hairstyles out there! Becoming a famous look in the 1950s, men still sport this handsome hairstyle the traditional way or with a modern twist. Before styling like normal, sprinkle in hair powder and allow it to set. This is especially helpful for men with thin hair trying to style the pomp.



Short And Spiky


Sporting short spikes can be made incredibly easy by adding some hair powder. Not only will it absorb any excess oil from styling products but it will help to keep your hair in place all day.





Fringe is another hairstyle that was popular in America over 50 years ago! It’s created by adding face framing layers and lots of volume. Men with thin or fine hair may have trouble with adding volume or texture. This is where hair powder comes in! Hair powder will create the much needed friction to separate the layers for a laid back yet stylish hairstyle.



Applying powder on hair is one of the best practices for men who want serious volume and texture without being weighed down by traditional pomades or gels. Hair powders give you the freedom to sport awesome hair during the summer without feeling greasy or heavy. Remember to always style with dry hair and shake out any excess powder. During your next visit to your barber, ask for tips and tricks when styling your new cut with hair powder!


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