Ronaldo Haircuts – Iconic Styles In 2022

Ronaldo Haircuts – Iconic Styles In 2022


Regardless of whether you’re a soccer fan or not, Cristiano Ronaldo has most certainly made his way into your life a few times. He is a soccer (football) player from Portugal and can be heard of as one of the best football players of all time. His personal style and hair have been an inspiration for many men around the world. So much so that men follow his hair trends and aim to look just like him. If you’ve felt drawn to Ronaldo’s style you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of his most popular haircuts for you to try in 2022.


Slick Quiff



Styling a quiff can be a bit of a challenge at times. Ronaldo has sported many different styles of quiff but in this look we see short sides and back for a polished style. Use a light gel to keep the hair in place even during game day.


Golden Wavy Top



This look is defined by the bleached tips we see Ronaldo wearing. Utilizing color in your hair is a great way to show some personal flair and to keep your look interesting. We see him with his effortless waves. If you have straight hair you can braid your hair or use a blow dryer to create waves.


Buzz Cut



Ronaldo’s buzzcut is the most ideal for athletes as the hair stays out of the way during the game. He gives an element of style with an added line or part which is typical of his stylish nature!


Messy Spikes



A timeless look that Ronaldo pulls off so well! With shorter sides and back the top is longer and pushed up for some volume. You can customize this look in many different ways making it a great option to show off some personal flare.


Short Pompadour + Undercut



The pompadour has to be the most versatile haircut ever. Dating back to the mid 1900s the pomp has become more and more popular as its style changes every decade. This short pomp worn by Ronaldo is minimal and stylish when paired with an undercut.


Everyone has to get their style inspiration from somewhere and someone. Luckily for us, we have an incredible athlete with great style to take inspiration from. This list of Ronaldo Haircuts is a sure way to look great and feel confident with your hair!


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