Shaggy Haircuts For Men

Shaggy Haircuts For Men – Top Looks For 2023


Shaggy haircuts for men can look a lot of different ways. This is because shaggy hair has been around in America since the 60s. Men and women grew their hair out to display their youth and identity in their society. Since then, the shag has developed into a more stylized way to wear your hair long. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy there is a shaggy haircut for you.


How To Grow Your Hair


If you’re looking for a shaggy haircut you’ll first need some length. Although growing out your hair can feel tedious and full of anticipation, the process can be seamless with a few hair tips & tricks. The main focus when growing your hair should be healthy hair. This can be achieved with washing every other day or less so that the natural and protective oils on our scalp can do its job. Applying organic oils such as jojoba, coconut, shea butter, or olive oil can aid in boosting your hair’s hydration and health. Regular trips to your barber will ensure that no split ends are wreaking havoc on your healthy new hair growth. Lastly, purchasing a few tools to protect your hair such as a wide tooth comb, silk pillowcase, or non breakage ponytail will help immensely during this process.
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Brushed Back


The brushed back shaggy hairstyle is achieved by adding layers into your hair, styling, and using a pomade to push the hair back and away from your face. This look is ideal for those with an active lifestyle as your hair won’t be in your way.



Short Shaggy Haircuts For Men


Opting for a shorter shaggy hairstyle means less time spent styling each morning. It may be the easiest maintenance shag hairstyle, requiring only regular trips to your barber. The best aspect of this hairstyle is that it pairs well with other haircuts such as an undercut, fade, or hair design.



Medium Shaggy Haircuts For Men


The medium shag style is an awesome option for men who want that shaggy look without having to fully grow out their hair.



Long Shaggy Haircuts For Men


Have you ever seen a man with long hair and truly respected their dedication to the look? Growing your hair out is no easy task and it definitely pays off when you can sport long shaggy hair. This look is accentuated by volume and texture, so those with curly or wavy hair already have a leg up when trying to achieve this hairstyle.



Curly Hair Shaggy Haircuts For Men


Having curly hair should never deter you from sporting any hairstyle, especially not a shaggy one! Sporting a curly shaggy hairstyle can actually help take some thickness away from your hair as layers naturally thin out hair. Your curls could be the key to this voluptuous and awesome hairstyle!



Asian Shaggy Haircut


People of Asian descent typically have thick, straight hair. This is perfect for a shag and looks quite natural. The softness of Asian hair provides the much needed movement and texture for a shaggy haircut.



Whether you are seeking a full blown hair change or already have some hair length and are looking for a fun twist, shaggy haircuts for men are an amazing option for you!


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