Top 10 Short Asian Mens Haircuts

Top 10 Short Asian Men’s Haircuts


Wondering about Short Asian Mens Haircuts? When talking about hair types and styles for different groups of people it’s important to note the different types of hair and how it tends to grow. There are three major types depending on ethnic-group- Afro-caribbean, Asian, and Caucasian, all having unique attributes. Despite their differences, they have a few common key factors such as medulla, cortex, cuticle, and the major protein called Keratin. The determining factor of the shape of your tresses is the shape of each follicle. Most asian hair appears pin-straight because it grows from round follicles.


Asian hair also has incredibly thick layers, about twice the amount of cuticles than the other two major hair types. Although this doesn’t mean thicker hair, it does mean faster hair growth and typically healthier hair with it’s cycle of growth lasting nine years. Asian hair is the most dominant type and the strongest in being able to recuperate from damages fairly quickly. Proper hair care includes hydrating shampoo and conditioner not exceeding 5.5 pH and the lack of mineral oil products for daily use. For more information about Asian hair click here. Daily, more and more we are seeing trendy Asian hairstyles show up so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular short Asian men’s haircuts! 


Textured Crop Short Asian Mens Haircuts


The Textured crop is incredibly suitable for most Asian hair as it works well with thick and straight texture. It plays off the balance of straight fringe and spiky texture. 

Blunt Bangs


A versatile style that can be worn with any length sides and back with longer bangs to accentuate the whole look. 

Spiky Quiff 


With a reliable product Asian hair can be molded into any which way you’d like. Featured here is a spiky quiff with the longer hair pushed up giving a flawless textured look. Pair with short sides or a line design for a dynamic and unique hairstyle. 

Short hair + High fade Short Asian Mens haircuts


A cool hairstyle for people with long slender faces although it can be rocked by anyone. Start with a high fade and pair it with short hair of your desired length. A reliable product can help push the long hair on top up and forward. 

Loose Pompadour 


A medium length haircut with volume and a straight cut across the back that makes the whole look put together and stylish. 



Although hair is hair and it will grow back, choosing a new hairstyle can be a bit tricky at times. This list of the top 5 most popular short Asian men’s haircuts can be a great guide in determining which style you want to go out and rock. When browsing your options remember that not all Asian hair is the same but with a basic understanding of your hair texture and your face shape, deciding on a look can be made much simpler. It’s always advisable to bring a few reference photos along with you on your next trip to your barbers! 


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