Short Beard Styles – Beginners Guide

Short Beard Styles – Beginners Guide


Short beard styles come in a wide variety and are beneficial to the wearer in many ways. Having facial hair can actually prevent or hide acne, protect your skin and lips from UV damage, and are seen as incredibly attractive to a lot of women. Men have sported their facial hair since the dawn of humanity and have come up with some pretty awesome ways to groom themselves. Whether you haven’t put much energy into styling your beard and want to begin, or you’re an absolute pro looking for inspiration, check out this guide to all things short beard.


Beard Grooming Tips


This inexpensive grooming kit from Amazon has everything you’ll need to feel confident in your regular beard maintenance. It’s noteworthy to mention that men have gone to their barber for grooming for hundreds of years and it’s a totally viable option to see a professional who knows everything about facial hair. When it comes to rocking a beard, the most important element is cleanliness. Even short beards can attract food, dirt, and oil so it’s imperative to wash your face at least twice a day. Using a gentle and hydrating cleanser like this snow mushroom foaming wash will ensure that you feel fresh and clean throughout the day.


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The ducktail beard looks best on men with round or oval face shapes as it helps elongate the face! It is a combination of a neatly trimmed and full beard that looks stylish and handsome. Many celebrities are seen sporting this look as well as middle aged men.





We’ve all seen a killer beardstache and while some of us dislike it, those who love it can really pull it off. Essentially it’s done by growing a larger and longer mustache paired with a short or stubble beard. This look provides an interesting contrast that definitely can’t be ignored.



Chinstrap Short Beard Styles


A chinstrap beard is a beard that defines the jawline and is without a mustache. It’s very stylish if well groomed and kept clean.



Circle Beard


The circle beard connects a goatee and mustache to your beard and looks amazing. It works in a professional and casual setting as it represents maturity and style.



Stubble Short Beard Styles


It’s truly amazing how the simplest beard to care for is seen as one of the most attractive beard styles. Sporting stubble gives a mature and rugged vibe to the men who wear it. To achieve this look you simply need to not shave for a few days. It’s important to like your face without a beard because to maintain a stubble look you’ll need to shave frequently, depending on how quickly your hair grows.



Goatee Short Beard Styles


The goatee may be the most iconic ‘dad’ beard style. This is because it genuinely looks amazing and gives a mature yet laid back vibe. You’ll need to grow the hair out under your chin and use a razor to clean up the edges. You cannot go wrong with this sophisticated beard style!



Wearing any type of beard can elevate your whole appearance and the way people perceive you in your casual and professional settings. With just a few minutes of upkeep per week, growing out your facial hair is a great way to gain more confidence in your appearance and personal hygiene habits. If you’re looking for the perfect look, this list of short beard styles is the perfect place to start!


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