Short Haircuts On Round Faces – Accentuate Your Features

Short Haircuts On Round Faces – Accentuate Your Features


We are all born different, and there is great beauty and value in that. However, it can feel frustrating to have a hairstyle that seems to drown out our features, making you feel unattractive or wishing you had more facial definition. Maybe you’ve had experience with a barber who knows a thing or two about facial types or maybe you have no idea where to begin. Not to worry, the days of aimlessly styling your hair are over! Here’s a compiled guide to achieve great short haircuts on round faces.


Facial Types


It’s important to note that there are eight basic facial structures. Knowing which kind you have can help you feel more confident as you can begin to work around and cater to your look.

  • Round
  • Heart
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Oval / Long
  • Triangle / Pear
  • Inverted Triangle

The main three points to determine your facial shape are the widest part of your jaw, the shape of your jaw, and the length of your face.

Here is a free test to determine your face shape.





The pompadour screams volume and height. Popularized in the 60s by Elvis, this classic look is worn by many men for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can add dimension to your face. It’s notable that this hairstyle takes a bit of time in the morning so stock up on your favorite max hold pomade and give yourself some extra time for styling.





Spike may be the most popular short haircut for men. We see it everywhere in many different fashions. This is the best haircut when it comes to ease in the mornings. Using a styling gel to keep the two to two and a half inch spikes in place is all you need for added length to your face each day.


Buzz Cut with a Beard



This one may seem a bit contradictory as there is no length or volume on top, but somehow it works. Your face is elongated by a full, well kept beard. This is another low maintenance look as only the beard needs to be trimmed and styled often.


Side Part



This hairstyle works for men with round faces because it serves to almost redirect other’s attention towards your hair and away from your face. Having a stark contrast in your hair can create dimension in your face.


The key to finding the perfect short haircut for a round face is simple. You want to add volume and texture to your hair to add in some sharpness that maybe your jawline and cheekbones don’t. Adding squareness around the edges of the face and volume to the top to make your face seem longer will add dimension and style to your whole look! Ask your barber for hairstyle advice during your next visit and remember that confidence in how you look comes from within.

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