Short Sides Long Top – 5 best hairstyles for men in 2022

Short Sides Long Top – 5 best hairstyles for men in 2022


There are many haircuts that come to mind when thinking of classic hairstyles for men. We know the buzzcut, crewcut, fade, etc. Recently, texture and volume have come back into style as these elements are a great way to add personality and character to your look. You can take any popular haircut for men and add some personal flair to really make the look your own. Pairing a haircut with short sides and a longer top is the new trending look for 2022. Here’s a list of the top 5 most popular short sides long top haircuts for men.


Caesar Cut



The caesar cut (also known as Edgar cut) has grown in popularity this last year and for good reason! This hairstyle looks professional and stylish with the ability to accentuate your jawline and facial features. The maintenance is relatively minimal with monthly visits to your barber.
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Wavy Long Top + Short Sides



Pairing any look with short sides is a great way to turn heads because of the contrast. Wavy long hair on top is attainable for those with most hair textures. Those with naturally wavy hair will just need some pomade to keep the hair in place. Those with curly or straight hair can use a blow dryer to create the volume and a light styling gel to keep the hair in place. Sea salt texture spray is a great product to use for adding waves and volume into your hair.


Pompadour + Short Sides



The pompadour is a classic hairstyle that looks professional and stylish. Paired with short sides, the whole look is elevated.


Curly Top + Short Sides



For those with naturally curly hair, finding a stylish hairstyle that accentuates your curls is always a win. Curly hair tends to be thick so pairing curls on top with short sides can help lower the amount of styling and maintenance required.


Hard Part + Fade



Rocking a hard part in your hair is a cool way to separate long hair on top with shorter sides. It adds an element of contrast and looks sleek and professional.


Whether you’re seeking a new hairstyle to switch it up or are looking for a more practical cut that can be worn with long hair, this list of the top 5 short sides long top hairstyles for men is the best resource for staying trendy and looking fresh!


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