Tape Up Haircuts – Top 5 Most Popular

Tape Up Haircuts – Top 5 Most Popular


A Tape up haircut is a hairstyle that started in the early 2000s by African American men and the name was given by those of Italian- American heritage. It looks similar enough to a fade to where people get the two different styles confused. A tape up is characterized by a fade that ends right above the ear and two to three inches above the neckline. Hair is worn longer on top and gradually fades until the hair is thinned down. Basically the hair is cut gradually without any lines creating a smooth and clean look. This look is incredibly versatile and can be worn in many ways to show off some personal flare and style! Here is a list of the top 5 most popular tape up haircuts of 2022!
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French Crop With Tape Up


The french crop hairstyle is growing more and more in popularity this year and is characterized by short hair in the back and the sides with a cropped front. This style goes very well with a tape up as the hair on the sides gradually fades with no lines, leaving a very clean and polished look.



Textured Short Waves With Tape up


Textured hair is incredibly popular right now and for good reason! Adding texture to your hair can add volume and more style to your regular look and for some it can accentuate facial features. Texture with a tape up is a stylish combo as it adds even more depth to your hairstyle. Anyone can add texture and volume to their hair, simply ask your barber to add in a few layers during your next visit.



Slicked Back Hard Part With Tape Up


Opting for a slicked back haircut can shave a lot of time off your morning styling routine as it doesn’t get much easier to slick your hair back with a quality gel or pomade. Saving time does not equal sacrificing style, the slicked back hairstyle looks incredibly put together and stylish especially paired with a tape up.



Platinum Hair With Tape Up


Dying your hair platinum blonde can be a great way to switch up your current hairstyle. It is flattering on a lot of people and can make you look trendy and stylish. Paired with a tape up, this look is clean and put together.



Spiky Hair With Tape Up


Spiky hair may be one of the most popular mens haircuts because of its low maintenance appeal and easy going nature. There are many different lengths that can be worn with spiky hair and you can style it with only one product such as a max hold pomade or a gel. Pairing spiky hair with a tape up can elevate your whole look.



The tape up hairstyle is growing in popularity and is often seen as a form of personal expression! Adding a seamless fade to any hairstyle can elevate your look and accentuate your features. This hairstyle requires regular trips to your barber to ensure the fade doesn’t grow out and to keep you looking as fresh as you can! Whether you want to switch up your look or want to try a new fade, this list of the top 5 most popular tape up haircuts of 2022 is your best guide.

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